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What Does The Chief Constable Know?

A number of folk have told me I am “paranoid” about West Midlands Police (WMP). Even the excellent author Sandwell Tories’ blog accuses me of this (I am no Tory but they do produce some excellent stuff on the corruption within Sandwell Council). Some might say I have cause to be “paranoid” as WMP have dragged me into police stations on four occasions and also prosecuted me for the alleged use of a single swear word. But I am not. What has been reported in this blog has been based on firm information - although I have not always been able to reveal my sources.

Now more of the truth is coming out. I am grateful to a couple of “friends” for what follows but please note that I have direct evidence that this post is true and this is largely direct from a WMP source….

New readers come to this blog all the time and so I must just mention a small part of the back story. Bent Labour Sandwell Council enjoy a corrupt relationship with WMP. But in 2014/2015 and after much procrastination the moral Cowards in Blue could no longer ignore the tsunami of fraud allegations emerging from the Cooper/Britton regime. A Regional Fraud Team investigation started. Incredibly Cooper and Britton were able to stop this major investigation simply by saying they would appoint an “independent” solicitor to partially investigate a few of the investigations! (there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by Britton himself - indeed his “unusual” defence for all this is apparently that, for several years, he didn’t know what the f*ck was going on!!!!) We have known for a long time that a senior WMP officer effectively ordered the Fraud Investigation to cease. That officer, believed to be male, is unidentified. Who was it and how close was “he” to (then) Assistant Chief Constable “Call Me Dave” Thompson - now the main man (though NOT a gay man as this cringingly patronising tweet shows):

In the meantime, Cooper and others viciously trolled me and my wife via Twitter. WMP and the whole world could see that Cooper was involved but the police effectively refused to investigate. (At the time - and unbelievably - Cooper was Chair of the West Midlands Police and Crime Panel!). After a sting operation Cooper’s involvement was further exposed and WMP finally took notice. But at least one (known) Detective was specifically ORDERED by a senior officer (believed to be male) NOT to investigate Cooper’s trolling. Once again, who was this senior officer and how close to (then) Assisant Chief Constable “Dave” was he?

How much did the Chief Constable (who assumed office in January, 2016) know? As we will see in an exclusive later in this post I can now trace WMP’s campaign against me to one level below his current position ie to an unnamed ASSISTANT CHIEF CONSTABLE!

Darren Cooper was not just a vicious bully on social media but also in the real world. This “lovely” man physically beat up his first wife. He took cocaine and died bingeing on booze and drugs. Nevertheless his mate, now Chief Constable, Dave Thompson was quick to publicly say what a great guy he was FFS!!!!

(Incidentally all the trolling happily stopped at the same time as Cooper’s heart - he was brain-dead already - until his side kick Andy Hipkiss set up a new account recently to attack me again and to try to prejudice my trial - the first and only “follower” being Jan Britton, “Chief Executive” of Sandwell Council!)


I pointed out above that in a corrupt deal with their criminal target WMP dropped the investigation against Sandwell Council. But the fiddle went deeper than that. Even when the fraud team was still active WMP were involving the bent Council in OPERATIONAL matters. On April Fool’s Day, 2015 the fraud team raided three houses including those of a Councillor and a Council employee. But did SMBC know about this in advance? It would seem so since - wait for it - WMP Press Department worked with Sandwell Council Press Office to prepare similar press statements about this! So the Council that was allegedly being investigating for criminality was working with the Police all the time! (I am sure this will be of interest to the Councillor concerned given evidence that Sandwell Council people gave in the High Court that they were not involved in any “conspiracy” to get him….)

Incidentally - question how “surprise” raids were apparently common knowledge to Sandwell Council employees? So much for “covert” action although at the time Cooper and Britton were actually trying to protect the Councillor concerned. Let's hope no-one tipped him off eh readers?

The news of the raids spread but, of course, most local so-called “journalists” eg at the Express and Star and BBC were “in the pocket” of Sandwell Labour and were not interested in such a major story! No-one applied for press statements and so this con never came to light!


I am up for trial at Dudley Magistrates’ Court on Monday 14th January, 2019 for allegedly calling Jan Britton a rude name. I cannot comment about that case as it is sub judice. (Do come along to the trial at 10.00 am and come to the Lamp Tavern thereafter).

But I can tell you that all-powerful Jan Britton - supposedly political neutral - has been heavily involved in trying to criminalize me since 2015. Thanks to a WMP source I can now exclusively reveal that in his attempt to have be arrested and charged with CRIMINAL offences in respect of other (political) matters to the one above, Britton has had DIRECT contact with a  number of WMP officers including very senior ones. By direct contact I mean either direct personal contact or direct personal contact via Sandwell Council’s highly controversial Statutory Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour (and another).

These are only the names I know as yet. There may well be others involved in this disgusting witchhunt against a blogger but these are seven Britton has tried to use to date:

Assistant Chief Constable X (note 1)

Chief Superintendent Richard Baker (see posts passim)

Superintendent Richard Youds

Chief Inspector Martin Hurcomb (note 2)

Detective Inspector Chris Fox

Detective Sergeant Richard Narrowmore

Sergeant Gary Capewell, Oldbury Police

Note 1 - this ACC who is unidentified at present led the “Gold” investigation to criminalise me and close down this blog. He or she is just one level below “Call Me Dave”.

Note 2 - see a post on this officer via this link:

All this led to many, many months of expensive investigations by a large number of police officers including by WMP “Complex Crime Unit” at huge cost to us taxpayers. And yet every time the Chief Constable opens his mouth he whines about “lack of resources”! Oh yeah?

Of course, like WMP, Sandwell Council are also pleading poverty and complaining about "austerity". Happily LinkedIn shows that both allegedly skint organisations have been happy to give a helping hand to a poor struggling youngster fresh out of Uni, er, Jan Britton's son:


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Blue Alert - CI Hurcomb is "Missing"!

Now this is an odd kettle of fish....

Many moons ago I wrote to a police force about an alleged crime in their area but with possible links to good old Sadders Labour! After some delay they wrote to me on 12th July, 2018 saying that they had transferred the matter to our old "friends" bent West Midlands Police (WMP) for further "investigation" "lol". The matter had been sent to Chief Inspector Martin Hurcomb (who is a named officer in the apparent plot by Sandwell Council and WMP to criminalise me and silence this blog).

Obviously there is, er, zero to nil chance of the moral Cowards in Blue at WMP investigating anything with a Sandwell Labour connection but I went through the motions and, after a period of time, phoned 101 in an attempt to speak to CI Hurcomb. This was refused but I was assured I would receive a call "shortly". Of course, I never did.

On 21st September, 2018 I hand delivered the following letter to Lloyd House (the recently lavishly refurbed HQ of WMP) personally addressed to CI Hurcomb:

"Dear Chief Inspector,

Your Ref: 4xx 18/04/12 - Alleged xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As long ago as 12th July, 2018 I was told that a complaint I made to xxxxxxxxxxxxx Police had been referred to you under the above reference.

I tried to phone you via 101 some weeks ago but have heard nothing.


Can you please let me know what is happening with all this?

Yours faithfully,"

You will see that the penultimate paragraph of my letter is redacted. When I made the original complaint I was only aware of certain alleged details. But by the time I wrote this letter the principal complainant told me that the matter had been specifically referred to, er, WMP themselves some considerable time ago and they had done, er, f*ck all!!!! The redacted paragraph  confirms the complainant's story that the matter was referred directly to "Inspector Matt Morgan".

Of course, I only have one side of the story but surely Hurcomb should have investigated with Inspector Morgan what has gone here? As it is the Chief Inspector has not even bothered to acknowledge the above letter a mere 94 days later let alone provided a substantive response.

Time methinks for "Call Me Dave" to send out the St Bernards......


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Sandwell's Stasi - Part 2

A number of Labour Sandwell Councillors have communicated with me over the years  but have usually done so privately. Almost to a man and woman they have stated that they cannot use their official Sandwell Council's emails because Jan Britton's bent paid service are spying on them!

Now Britton, the hapless "Chief Executive" during years of fraud, corruption, cronyism and corruption, is in a politically restricted post and yet many elected members [sic] tell me that if they use their official accounts to correspond with me "they will reported to the Labour Whips" to be disciplined. Clearly it would be odd if Britton, who oversees elections as Returning Officer, was interfering in party political matters and so perhaps his rogue underlings are running riot yet again! There is no truth in this humorous image I put up a long time ago (although as with much else there is the question of why the "Chief Executive" allegedly knows nothing about extensive wrong doing by his own staff!)

Under pressure "leader" of the Council, Steve "Squealing" Eling,  has a selective memory and forgets his involvement at the top of the Council when wife-beater Cooper was bossing Britton about. Eling told me personally that he could not sack Britton in 2016 despite his pathetic record because Cooper had constantly praised him so that there were no outstanding disciplinary issues against him. Eling said he would have to "build a case" so that it stuck legally.

But a large cohort of Councillors tell me that this is, er, bollocks and that Eling cannot fire Britton because the latter has "got too much on" The Milkman! Whatever can they mean?

We also know that a large number of the comrades are sheep incapable of independent thought or action but the Labour Party usually make a big think about civil rights and liberties (at least for non-Jews). They rail against identity cards and other "big state" surveillance and yet are happy to have their own communications monitored in Sandwell!  How unlike their brothers and sisters in Scarborough who were upset about this according to the latest Private Eye Magazine (although they too have seemingly not been able to nip it in the bud).

Aside from date protection issues Britton's bent paid service may be committing criminal offences under three separate Acts if unlawfully intercepting councillors' mail. Clearly this - like much else - needs urgent investigation. Perhaps a couple of the braver comrades can contact the Police?

Eling likes to think of himself as a tough guy although there is precious little evidence of this. He is alleged to "go tonto" in the office at staff but in the infamous threats to me at the 2017 election count he hid behind his shouting missus. But the squealing sniveller is himself afraid of Britton's corrupt Council employees. Here is the quivering Milko writing to me twice when he was putting poison down about Labour colleagues:

And this:

What a stinking mess this Council is!!!!

(Keep watching The Skidder - there are some big stories coming soon.....)


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The Public - The Lost Fun Palace of West Bromwich - Book Review

I am delighted to host Robert Warrington's review of Graham's Peet's splendid new book on The Public. The book is available for £10 from which includes postage:

Review: The Public – The Lost Fun Palace of West Bromwich
by Graham Peet

This is a timely book. It’s five years since the Public was closed by Sandwell Council. This is not a blow-by-blow account of its creation or its problems but a general overview of how it came to be and what it was like. It’s partisan in the sense that Peet was the exhibition curator but benefits greatly from his close involvement with the project, as well as his background in photography and graphic design. It’s primarily a pictorial record but the words are carefully chosen to support and explain the images, most of which come from Peet’s archive, and text from other sources is juxtaposed with Peet’s own writing.

    There are no chapters but there are other organizing principles. What Peet has produced is a sort of coffee table book with the aesthetic of a superior extended pamphlet. It works as a commemorative object for people who were there and also perhaps as a sort of dip-in for people who weren’t. The idiosyncratic structure is logical once you ditch conventional wisdom, which is fitting for a book about The Public. The text appears in several different colours and sizes but is always easy to read.

    In terms of the actual information, all of it is interesting, to me at least. I was heavily invested in The Public but not someone who’d been on board from day one. While I’d heard of c/PLEX (the working title of The Public), I’d never seen the models and almost abstract sketches of Will Alsop. These are fascinating snapshots of the evolution of the building in the architect’s mind.  I had no idea that the original design was used to construct another building in Canada.

    With regard to those parts of the backstory I did know something about, it’s good to see so much of it flagged up by Peet. The Public’s first director, the underappreciated Sylvia King, gets more than just a namecheck here. Two of the photographs that weren’t taken by Peet show King on a Sandwell estate in the seventies, as a grassroots arts activist surrounded by local kids. While Peet doesn’t make detailed connections, he indicates how the Jubilee Arts movement grew out of the same soil as the Joan Littlewood/Cedric Price concept of a giant ‘laboratory of pleasure’ which found such a brilliant champion in Alsop. The history is potted but deftly and imaginatively done. All the quotations are well chosen.  I was pleased to see that Peet had also included a full transcript of the Stephen Morris article from The Guardian, a much better piece of journalism than the Oliver Wainwright review that seems to pop up whenever you search for The Public on the internet.

    Tellingly, there aren’t any snippets from the local press, just a note that one of our papers seemed to have warmed towards The Public by the end of its short life. It’s unsurprising that Peet hasn’t found anything worth repeating but the statistics in this book show what a cultural hub the place undoubtedly was. In its four brief years it exhibited work by 700 artists, there were 500 workshops and 600 theatre shows.  It had a million visitors, sixty percent of which were estimated to be local, and 38 companies had moved into the building.  As Peet observes, in its last few months, what had been steady progress was rapidly accelerating.

  Of course, a bittersweet sense of lost promise hangs over the whole book, but Peet focuses on what The Public achieved while it was allowed to exist. Where this book really comes into its own is through its combination of showing and telling.  Peet uses his techniques to emphasise the phantasmagoric aspects of The Public, revelling in a place where the weird and the wonderful collided with the everyday.  On one page, for example, is a shimmering piece of electronic art, on another a picture of the weekly knitting group. There are many striking images of people interacting with The Public's dazzling interiors, such as the man sitting on Alsop’s Cloud Chair and the three girls moving through the Zoe Partington installation.

     Peet mentions that Zoe Partington is a disabled artist and this is not just an incidental reference. The Public set out to create a level playing field for users and creatives alike. The concept was literally built-in. Its floors were exceptionally flat and the ramp, which wound towards the higher levels, was a gentle incline.  Entrances were wide and generous.  Anyone could walk, shuffle or wheel themselves into The Public and experience it in their own way at their own pace. The security was there but the touch was light. It was family friendly, like an indoor park. The photographs taken by Peet reflect this, depicting the place much as I remember it, with giant prams, crawling babies, rampaging toddlers, and kids skidding on the floor or running around Ben Kelly’s metal trees.

    The Public was keen to reflect society as a whole and did this in at least two different ways.  One was hosting events that would tend to attract particular communities, illustrated by Peet with images from an audience with the Indian superstar Kushi.  The other thing was less tangible, suggested by the wide range of people caught by Peet’s camera. It had something to do with The Public’s guiding philosophy, which contained contradictions but was still best expressed by its dominant colour, a playful shade of pink. The subtitle of this book is relevant here. The Public had serious aims but wasn’t constrained by a fixed, patrician notion of what art was supposed to be or who was allowed to join in.  As Peet makes clear, The Public was a place where digital art was displayed alongside the work of Martin Parr and Tracy Emin, while Sunday painters were encouraged to submit to the summer exhibition. He also depicts or draws attention to the sheer range of things that went on there, from children's shows and holiday play schemes to zumba and comedy nights, burlesque shows, music events, wedding receptions, conferences and blood donation.  There were also mid-week dance performances in the public square next to the building.

    Inevitably, given its format, there are some gaps in Peet’s account. There isn’t much about the working relationship between The Public and its tenant companies, how other creative groups had began to use The Public, or the outreach programmes The Public was working to develop. In terms of what the book sets out to achieve, though, it's a successful and rather beautiful tribute. Short of a virtual tour or digital recreation, it’s probably the closest anyone can now get to the experience of wandering around this multi-layered thought-experiment. Peet’s eclectic, visually-based approach certainly conveys that it was unlike anywhere else in Sandwell, a factor which turned out to be so key in the sudden and brutal rejection of the project.

    The Public, of course, never stood a chance. It was caught in the pincer movement of Tory cuts and the tragic inadequacies of our local Labour Council. Peet puts it like this:

"The closing of The Public and converting the building to a 6th Form College deprived the town of an extraordinary building loved by hundreds of thousands,

It also meant the destruction of the ramp gallery, the theatre, public toilets, conference facilities and the public artworks."

Darren Cooper, Leader of the Council said when ordering it to be closed, “I never liked it anyway.” He had only been in the building a few times.

To sweeten the blow to a horrified public the council said they would fund the College to provide arts activities in the building at £200,0000 a year for 5 years.

A Freedom of Information request years later asking what was happening found that the money had just been rolled over into the College's running costs.

    Although the book is very much a celebration of The Public rather than a polemic against the Cooper regime, Peet occasionally gives a glimpse of the way the council  operated under Cooper, and continues to operate as part of his legacy.  Nevertheless, taken together with the Morris article, if you knew nothing at all about Cooper it would be reasonable to assume that he was probably a man trying to make the best of the hand he’d been dealt, somewhat small-minded but basically well-intentioned.  This would be a rather charitable assumption.

    Perhaps unwilling to speak ill of the dead, Peet steers a careful course around the memory of the late leader, a vainglorious figure well known to regular readers of this blog. This objectionable character had been pursuing his own agenda for years, bludgeoning and backstabbing his way to the top of the greasy pole at the Council, but happened to reach it at the worst possible time. Although he pretended to govern by consensus, Cooper was enabled by his cronies and people scared to cross him, having pushed virtually everyone else out of the inner circle. The man broke all our hearts (including Peet’s, as was obvious at the book launch) and few of us will ever forgive either what he did to The Public or the characteristically conniving way he went about it.

    Without wishing to minimise its real impact, austerity was the perfect narrative for Cooper. He was looking for a way to put the boot into The Public and couldn’t have been handed a better pretext.  The Public was always more of a commitment that Cooper wished to renege on than the existential threat to bin collection he made it out to be. Everyone who cared about The Public wanted to find a financial compromise but there was no political will to meet us halfway.

    For all his windbag piety, Cooper had a streak of spite a mile wide. He viewed The Public much as he viewed political opposition, as something to be stamped out, hence his total lack of interest in the management’s business plan or any other cost-cutting proposal.  Cooper, in fact, would not consider paying anything, anything at all, to keep The Public going.  He was unabashedly, even gleefully determined to withhold every penny of funding, kick everyone who was mandated to be there out of   the building, shred the contract, and have the place gutted by his pet contractors.  This process involved zero consultation, except for consultation with the people he’d randomly selected to be its rightful occupants.

    In my own view it was The Public’s particular misfortune to find itself at the tender mercies of a man who combined all the charms of petty vindictiveness with crippling parochialism.  Although The Public had been mostly built with EU and lottery money, the Council had to fork out to finish the build and Cooper deeply resented this along with the funding commitment. However, he was far from the only councillor who didn’t ‘get’ The Public, as Peet underlines with this quote from Fran├žois Matarasso:

"Jubilee Arts dreamed of creating a community art centre with the scale, ambition and resources of a cultural institution…But for many of those whose support they needed, that was a category error. For them, community art is small, parochial, unimportant – by definition."

    The idea of a Black Country town investing in the arts at the level required by The Public was a challenge to the provincial mentality of our local decision makers.  In this context, perhaps the most remarkable thing about The Public was that it ever got built in the first place. As this book makes clear, The Public was, essentially, a visionary project.  The men and women (mostly men) who run our Council are not visionaries.  Cooper’s predecessors weren’t visionaries either, but they were prepared to give the benefit of the doubt to people who saw further and thought bigger, albeit with some ambivalence. Cooper was simply unable to get past his own limited way of looking at the world. In Cooper’s case, because the arts didn’t interest him personally, he found it hard to believe there was an audience for the arts in Sandwell, which is why he was so reluctant to accept the visitor statistics reproduced in this book. The poison-pen letters and sneering e-mails he’d received about The Public were also a factor in his thinking. Forced to acknowledge that The Public also had a growing fan base he was still determined to take the side of the philistines. Once Cooper got a grip on the levers of power, the dream of The Public was dead.

    Peet brings The Public back to life, in 150 well laid-out, glossy pages. His book is rightly dedicated to Will Alsop, and gives the final word to Sylvia King. As I came in quite late on the story of The Public, I’m giving the final word to Linda Saunders, its second director, who contributed so much to that story in such a short space of time:

"People made The Public special, but it was the building that made it unique…The sheer unexpectedness of the building, its total contrast to the uncompromising world outside it, was why it mattered. It offered a vision of a different world and most importantly, gave everyone the key to that."

Robert Warrington

[Skidder note: we now know that the monstrous Cooper was aided and abetted in the destruction plan by his "money-man" Cllr Steve Eling, who is the disastrous current "leader" following Cooper's death during what Labour "comrades" say was an evening of footie, booze and cocaine.]

Here is wonderful Graham with his book:

(This is my rubbish photo and so my apologies for the light reflection of the book).


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Jan's Leaker - Part Three - SMBC Employees




*** Remember new Skidder no: 07470 624207 ***

Also - if you intend to send me stuff for your own advantage and then tw*t me remember that I bite!

In my two earlier posts about "The Leaker" I questioned how he had obtained confidential letters containing allegations against two Labour Councillors and leaked them? The Leaker is very close to  Jan Britton and has received rapid promotion. He was earning in excess of £30,000 after the initial promotions but Jan has promoted him further despite all this and he is now earning in excess of £40,000. Some say this is nearer £50k than £40k. (Some also say a member of his family is also being "looked after" by Britton's bent paid service).

Before the actual disclosure of The Leaker's shocking and malicious lies it must be remembered that under Jan Britton's reign there have been widespread allegations of fraud and theft in the Parks Department. This ranged from substantial over-ordering of items so that the surplus could be illegally sold off plus straightforward theft of items. This blog exposed the scandal of a friend of ex-Mayor Derek Rowley advertising SMBC property for sale on Facebook (see further below!

As the Department came under scrutiny what better way to distract media and other attention than to fit up innocent workers?

I am indebted to The Gooseman for this image  from his blog* of Jan Britton depicting what is perceived by many to be his "management style" [sic]:

The Leaker starts with an attack on two managers - one of whom's name is redacted as he has yet to be exonerated from all this:

"Only that xxxxxxxxxx under investigation and one of his managers Darren Jones also. Rumour mill has it that the jubilee park post you put up opened a can of worms."

"Darren Jones/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx were responsible for the jubilee park depot as officers for Sandwell. Derek rowley was then allowed by these two to have access and the sell 4 shipping containers that belonged to smbc. Picture attached proves it and I'm sure that's mr rowley in the picture!!!"

(Poor quality photo presumably taken by The Leaker to implicate Rowley).

The Leaker was out for promotion right from the off and wanted to drop Darren Jones into it  as shown in explicit terms here (please note that Jones has been investigated and was NOT guilty of any wrongdoing):

"Got plenty on xxxxxxxxxxxxxx when it's right to release. Can you please include a Darren Jones in a internal investigation blog with regards to financial irregularities and he's involved in the container issues. Lots more to follow on this which Derek rowley can't deny but I need Jones pulled into the mix"

Here the senior manager close to Jan Britton breaks off from Parks to have another go at Cllr Hackett - The Sandwell Slasher:

"I've got some evidence of hacketts moms house being asked to be brought back by the council which he's denying any value to you?"

Jan Britton's right-hand man then sent me seven documents relating to Hackett. How did he get them? Did he have an "access all areas" pass from Britton? Did someone give them to him?

At this point Jan Britton was made fully aware of the [untrue as it turned out] allegations against the unfortunate Mr Jones.

The Leaker then sent me an email that is too difficult for me to show but referred to the departure from the Council of Parks supremo John Satchwell Senior. The email stated that Satchwell Senior had gone but that Jones was under investigation "along with most of John's managers." (Please remember that Jones was exonerated in all this).

The Leaker broadened the attack to include Adrian Scarrott and John Satchwell Junior. It is VITAL that you note that there was a full investigation into the allegation regarding Satchwell Junior and it was totally untrue. SMBC senior management have confirmed in writing that the interview process was properly conducted. Once again, Jan's Britton's pal is flagrantly lying about fellow SMBC employees to cause them deliberate harm:

"DJ in a spot of bother over various irregularities apparently and AS very low profile. JS son apparently given 50k job without interview"

Once again please also remember that SMBC have confirmed that the unfortunate Mr Jones was NOT guilty of ANY irregularities.

There followed a detailed email repeating the allegation against John Satchwell Junior with supporting "facts" which, again, turned out to be entirely false and malicious. There was also another allegation about an unnamed member of the Satchwell clan being employed by SMBC.

The Leaker then sent me a photo of a fellow employee's house (not included here) with this totally false and malicious allegation against the named person:

"The house in the picture with the xxxxxxxxxxx is Steve Robinsons urban forestry manager. Good friends with the very corrupt Darren Jones xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. The reason for the picture is that tax payers payed for this garden as all the trees/shrubs gravel etc were supposed to go on the birchley island but DJ and SR landscaped his garden also."

It is ESSENTIAL for readers to note that this is all lies. There has been a major investigation by Farrow  and this is all totally untrue. Also Darren Jones was not "very corrupt" as he was completely exonerated of any wrongdoing. The Leaker has sent this to destroy the reputations of wholly innocent men for his own advantage and, seemingly, Jan Britton has come up trumps with a string of rewards for him.

There followed a lengthy email which, alas, must be substantially redacted. It starts with untrue allegations again against Darren Jones. The redacted part relates to Satchwell's Senior and Junior:

"Basically DJ was the budget holder while all the containers in jubilee disappeared and he was the employee approving ghost orders for the moving of them and many other financial irregularities. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx but Derek Rowley to this day is still using the council owned containers at jubilee to store his private materials for his own business."

Once again the allegations against Mr Jones are malicious lies to drop him in it. He was exonerated from any corruption or financial irregularities. I understand the Police also looked into the issue of the containers and found nothing amiss so far as Mr Jones was concerned (quite what their investigation turned up about Rowley's involvement in all this and that of his mate Tom Arnold remains less clear).

There we are SMBC employees - this is what a senior manager does (or tries to do) to innocent colleagues let alone those with something to hide. Watch your backs kidders!

(Folks - the Skidder Xmas Quiz will be coming soon......)

Brilliant Sandwell Blogs!


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Monday, 17 December 2018

***Breaking News*** Piper Charged!

Breaking News -  Cllr Bob Piper - a member of bent Labour Sandwell Council has been charged with a public order offence arising from an incident in Wetherspoons Oldbury on 17th July, 2018 despite the best efforts of Megan Archer and Mark Andrews of the Wolvo Cocksuckers (aka The Express and Star) to prevent this.

Happily Jan Britton's new crime policy, as enforced by his puppet pals at corrupt West Midlands Police, has come up trumps even though Piper had preferential treatment to me in respect of the "C*cksucker" charge (for trial at Dudley Mags on 14th January, 2019). More on this at the appropriate time.

Piper will appear at Walsall and Aldridge Mags on 16th January, 2019.

In the meantime this matter is sub judice and Piper deserves a fair hearing. Please allow Piper the space to defend himself.

I don't suppose Jan Britton will be following a troll account set up to try and prejudice HIS trial.


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Sunday, 16 December 2018

50 Shades of GMB's Sarah James!

Back in December, 2014 I had never even heard of Sarah James - employed by the taxpayer as an employee of bent Labour Sandwell Council - but farmed out as a full-time rep of the GMB Union at our cost.

The late "leader" of Sandwell Council, Dickhead/Cokehead Darren Cooper, set up a massive trolling campaign in late 2014 against me and my wife. Anyone who knew Cooper - who used to physically beat-up at least one woman - was aware that he had a playground bully mentality. In December, 2014 he used social media to put up pictures of me taken covertly in Oldbury Wetherspoons:

[Incidentally - Cooper is said to have died in a drink and drug fuelled "session". Happily his death meant that all the - then 16 - troll accounts (operated with the help of Andrew Hipkiss) abusing me and my wife suddenly stopped tweeting! Even the BBC and others picked up on the rumours of Cooper's drug-taking but all was hushed up - perhaps unsurprisingly as the current Chief Constable of corrupt West Midlands Police, Dave Thompson, thought he was the dog's bollocks - which, in one sense, he was. A caller yesterday gave me interesting information that his drug of choice was cocaine but perhaps his pal the Chief Constable can provide some more information about that?]

In December, 2014 Cooper, trade union associates and others started a vicious Twitter trolling campaign against me and my wife. This is all documented by West Midlands Police including by DS Wayne Haynes. But, as we know, WMP are in a corrupt relationship with Labour Sandwell Council and Haynes was stopped from investigating further. Even when Cooper was caught in a famous sting operation a senior WMP officer refused to allow officers to investigate coke-head Cooper.

As regular readers know Cooper's friend Sarah James of the GMB launched a vicious bullying attack on me on 19th December, 2014 which I blogged the very next day. It is no surprise that this involved false allegations of photography in Spoons:

As you will see if you have read the piece, this evil bully (who I had never met) carried on her assault on me via cyber-bullying - trying to seek approval from the late Smethwick Scumbag and others. (See also "Paul Reeves" below).

Several YEARS later this GMB liar has formed a (non-sexual) relationship with another bully of the first order - Tom Watson MP (the right-wing Deputy Leader of the Labour Party now receiving funds from, er, the GMB. He is, of course, the nasty bastard and coward who made totally false allegations of the vilest kind whilst Leon Brittan was dying and then had to be forced to make a pathetic mealy-mouthed apology to his victim's widow.)

Incredibly Watson is now trying to find the unknown Sarah a parliamentary seat! She is trying to airbrush her nasty history and the GMB Union have agreed to pay for her legal proceedings to try to do so. Sarah had indicated that she wants to bankrupt me and pursue an Order for Sale on my matrimonial home of 35 years to force myself and my wife into homelessness at age 60 to silence me forever.

But she has lied about 2014 and also to the GMB about this and other issues. The legal proceedings only cover a minor part of her original and fantastical claims against me. There is more to come on this but let's just examine one part of her vexatious claim which hard-working GMB folk are paying for.

When she viciously bullied me in December, 2014 Sarah James's social media sites were replete with references to the  soft-porn sadomasochistic novels in the "50 Shades of Grey" series. So what? Each to their own. BUT - at the time Ms James was advertising her connections with the "White Ribbon Campaign".

The White Ribbon Campaign is a charity claiming to work "to end male violence against women". I pointed out at the time that it was "ironic" that Sarah James should purport to support such an organisation whilst bullying and cyber-bullying a man ie me. Further, James was advertising her support for this charity (presumably with their permission) across images from the Fifty Shades of Grey series (ie a series of books films based on male violence against women).

As she seeks political office with Watson's support this bully has removed all relevant posts from her Twitter and Facebook posts. She made the bizarre claim that my comments suggested that she was morally depraved whereas my comments were clearly referencing the odd juxtaposition between her bullying and support for the named charity with her public posts about the books etc.

Years after the event the GMB are seeking to crucify and bankrupt me about this when James has removed the offending posts. She is now refusing to provide access to her Twitter/Facebook accounts which would disclose her lies.

I have been asking folk for help to stop this woman destroying me and am most grateful for the information in so far (more would be welcome about Darren James's incident at a railway station....).

I haven't got the Facebook copies yet but have some been kindly sent some stuff from one of her Twitter accounts (she used at least two names before her current one ie @ SarahLou_80 and @_sarahloowho) and so we can now see a couple of things that James has tried to hide and keep hidden.

Image one - the bully advertises the White Ribbon Campaign against a "50 Shades" image "lol" (partial image only here):

If you can't make things out from the partial image this should help:

Image 2 - James again advertises the charity across a "50 Shades" image (partial image only here):

Once again the full image should help:


Some VERY interesting stuff coming in about the arsehole who picked up on James's cyber bullying:

This scumbag is said to NOT be the man of the same name who works for Sandwell Council but a man who had a gardening business. Yet strangely this man was also a member of Unite the Union? Can anyone clarify what is happening here?


The late great Mrs McHale used to say to me and my friends "You're Not Christian!" She was right.


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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Sh*thole Sandwell Digest - 15/12/18 (Belated Double Edition)


Yes, as the years of milk and honey on in the Socialist Paradise of Sadders the people are happy and content and keep re-electing their Labour masters.

But lo, in the real world surveys and statistics show to the rest of the world what a shithole Sandwell is after more than four decades of total Labour control. Thus when the Daily Mirror mentioned a list of the 364 worst primary schools in England one just KNEW that Sandwell Council would feature in it. And they excelled themselves - not just ONE school blighting the lives of local children forever but TWO!

The schools are Rounds Green and Springfield Primaries.

I know some of my readers are happy living in Sandwell under bent Labour. How depressing that these scumbags are prepared to f*ck over their own kids to support their perverted views!


The Skidder has started an occasional series called "Copsuckers" about the obscene relationship between Labour and West Midlands Police. The first post is up today and includes more on the College violence whilst the local law sit eating biscuits with their political masters. Read edition 1 here:

We have seen in recent digests that Sandwell Police "invest" staggering amounts of time in "community work" to avoid having to nick villains and do all that tiresome paperwork. Here they are at it again enjoying a nice warm morning of  stories, music, beauty and dance down at The Hawthorns with those notorious crime grandmas of the Asian community. No wonder there is no copper available when your house is burgled!

If a Z-list "celebrity" ventures into the dog-shit smeared streets of Sadders Cllr "Inane Elaine" Costigan will be muscling in for a photo opportunity. At the Wednesbury Xmas Lights switch on the socialist forced her Louis Vuitton bag into the foreground for her snap with some bloke of the tele. Suck it up poor scum and losers!

One thing that has proved time and again to be highly detrimental to areas blighted by poverty is the lack of normal access to banks. Thus as Labour threw money at a "do" for the Christmas Lights to please mindless local morons the reality in the ghastly run-down town was the news that Barclays are pulling out. Sandwell Labour have slagged off business for years and banks in particular and so why are they surprised when no sensible company wants to do business in this dreary dump? This bad news from Wednesbury seems not to have registered with the dimwitted comrades save for this totally bizarre tweet from Mrs Louis Vuitton:

That's Told Them!

A brief step back in history... There have been various allegation since I have been involved in Sadders about voting discrepancies - especially regarding postal votes. A while ago the Warley Woods Trust were canvassing votes for some meaningless award. They subsequently got it - though presumably on merit rather than as a result of this sort of campaigning:

The Skidder has a new phone number - 07470 624207!

We all know what a disaster Labour's Children's Services was during Jan Britton's reign as head of the bent paid service. Few people in Sandwell care about these kids but the position got so bad under Britton that the Government had to intervene and take the Service away from the pathetic failing Labour Council. Jan The Man infamously wrote a staff blog blaming the poor bloody infantry for the failure rather than management.

A Labour figure was parachuted into the Trust - ex MP Jacqui Smith (she of the porn-loving hubby) -and it seems she has decided to throw money at Britton's shell-shocked and demoralised staff rather than adopt his abusive approach. Thus we had this in September:

And now, on top of this bounty, SMBC employees are telling me that every Trust employee has received a generous £500 Christmas Bonus from us taxpayers. Nothing succeeds like failure! Trebles all round!

And finally - I am receiving some interesting information relating to my post requesting information about the James's and the Paul Reeves who ran a gardening business. Does anyone know why the gardener Reeves - presumably self-employed - should apparently require help from Unite the Union?

I still urgently require information on this character and on Sarah James:


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Copsuckers #1

This blog has disclosed time and time again the poisonous relationship between bent West Midlands Police and corrupt Labour Sandwell Council. This has become evident yet again recently in the revelations that Chief Superintendent Richard Baker of Sandwell Police has acted as a lackey for Labour and indulged in extensive correspondence with the corrupt Council in an attempt to close down this blog (and there is more to come on this).

In the meantime there is an almost daily grotesque display of mutual masturbation as the moral Cowards in Blue desperately seek approval from their political masters and the corrupt Council pets its paramilitary arm. Thus their Twitter posts tag each other with crazed regularity.

This is the first of an occasional series of this sickening propaganda! I have many more examples but this is just from the last few days.

If you are on Twitter please send further examples to @SandwellSkidder !

We have, of course, been here before many times eg:.

But the drip, drip, drip goes on and on and on....


There is no more assiduous Copsucker than Wednesbury Liar Cllr "Inane Elaine" Costigan which is handy as bent WMP have paid back by failing to investigate her role in the Wednesbury Celebrates debacle or her involvement in a planning consent at the time she was tapping-up the applicant for "charitable" donations. She also gave a materially false statement to the police and yet no action has been taken against her. The cops also oblige by never miss a chance to promote their Honorary Wednesbury "Gold Commander":

Amazingly, The Liar is still getting personal briefings direct from the bent force's Wednesbury arm:

Sandwell Labour have a disastrous record in respect of vulnerable children - so much so that the Government has had to intervene and transfer Children's Services to a separate Trust. Nevertheless the ruling "socialists" know that a large proportion of the Borough's populace are as thick as sh*t who will keep voting them back in and so they can take the piss with stuff like this (with obligatory Comrade in centre shot):

The problem, of course, with the Police protecting corrupt councillors and the Council as a whole ("hole"?) is that the recipients of this corrupt approach then simply think they are above the law and behave accordingly. The cops themselves are, of course, infamous for turning a blind eye to wrong 'uns in their own ranks. Thus vulnerable children were raped, buggered and physically abused whilst Ofsted  issued frequent "inadequate" ratings to Jan Britton's failing Council but the cops missed one of their number indulging in kiddie porn as he rose ever upward through the ranks to inspector level. He spent some of his career in Sandwell and lives in the Borough:

NB - new Skidder Phone Number:

07470 624207

We saw in my recent digest that WMP appear to be losing control of West Bromwich town centre as College kids run riot. On one hand the police were taking special powers to deal with the disorder whilst keeping up the propaganda that all is well. Of course, we have seen that Ch Supt Baker is in an inappropriate political dialogue with the politically-restricted - "lol" - head of Sandwell Council's bent paid service, Jan Britton. The hapless Britton was placed on the Board of the College as part of the corrupt deal to gift them The Public. Accordingly the Chief Super is unlikely to want to upset this particular master.

But crime continues as the pussyfooting plod look on:

The craven local press also won't write anything unless it has come from Sandwell Council and so this appeared in two NATIONAL newspapers whilst local so-called "journalists" said now't. This from the Daily Star:

But you would never guess anything was wrong from the output of the Copsuckers! They were soon munching the hobnobs with, er, Sandwell Council and College aparatchiks instead of nicking crims:

It is worth expanding the full photo:

Sandwell is clearly safe in the hands of the menage a deux - the Hosells - but note the chap in yellow at the far end of the table who looks suspiciously like the chap who found Cllr Simon Hackett pissing in a bus shelter (see #cockgate)!!!!

Smethwick plod were soon off the beat again:

And this drivel goes on and on and on and on. Finally here, Oldbury Police join the act by rushing to tell their political rulers this astonishingly important news, yawn.......



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