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Eling "Acquired" Council Legal Document

The beleaguered Labour "Leader" of corrupt Sandwell Council, Steven "Squealing" Eling, like many "socialist" politicians, loves cash. Thus he combines his soon-to-be-over role as Sandwell's paranoid puppet "ruler" (with Tom Watson pulling the strings) with a generous annual allowance of £36,895.08 and working 16.5 hours a week at another Labour basket case Council, Rotherham. What a guy!

He has a flat in Smethwick but spends a lot of his time at his wife's property in a pretty Derbyshire village where he does not have to associate with Black Country scum. His wife's car has been outside the property on my two visits to the village but she somehow qualifies to be an outspoken figure in Sandwell Labour Party politics. Indeed she even featured in High Court evidence as Eling tried to destroy Cllr Ian Jones.

Of course, The Squealer asked for my help to destroy Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones in an infamous pub meeting and guaranteed insider information which was duly supplied by him via his absurd sidekick Richard Marshall (who gilded the lily on his own account too). It is a testament to Squealer's paranoia, greed and lack of judgement that he made the inexperienced Marshall his "right hand man". Jan Britton, the hapless head of the Sandwell bent paid service, then allowed Marshall the run of the Council House with direct access to internal audit etc. Thus Eling could be kept informed of what was going on whilst raking in extra cash up North. As everyone apart from most of the thick as mince Labour Councillors knew, Marshall was a deeply flawed individual. The comrades ignored all the evidence on this blog (as per). They ignored Marshall's court summons for non-payment of Council tax. They ignored his well-known adultery and his rip-off of a local woman for over £30k. They ignored that he was Eling's nark. They ignored his bankruptcy.

Yet when Cllr Yvonne Davies stood up in a Labour Group meeting and told them the truth they (including Squealer) howled her down, expelled her from the meeting and suspended her from the Party. But Yvonne was right and they were all proved wrong......

Anyone who is acquainted with this blog knows about my revelations concerning Cllr Hussain (now ex-Councillor). But I always stressed that any action against Mahboob should be dealt with via proper channels. Thus I was appalled at the racist attack on him and his family by Wragge and Co's solicitor whilst preparing the useless "Wragge Report". (I recently did a one man leafleting campaign against that firm demanding the repayment of the £185,000 Jan Britton agreed to pay them outside Sandwell Council's normal contractual rules). I was also concerned that neither Hussain nor Ian Jones were being treated fairly in the kangaroo courts set up under the auspices of Sandwell's highly controversial Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour (with very good reason as things turned out).

When Eling asked The Skidder to back him and screw his enemies we hardly discussed Hussain as it was "taken as read" that he was this blog's "number one" target. The information sent to me via the WhatsApp feed the Sp*nk Brothers set up after the pub meeting rarely mentioned him. Eling mentioned the ongoing court case to me in emails but it was assumed we were all "singing from the same hymn sheet).

I gave a legal statement to Mahboob's solicitors who sent a copy to SMBC and, I believe, one direct to the Police (this last is slightly opaque but I believe that Hussain was one of a number of people who made complaints direct to WMP about Eling and Marshall and attempted to supply bent Sandwell Police with evidence. Needless to say they were duly ignored or given the brush off).

As it happened Mahboob did not attend his Standards Hearing and so there was no question of my statement being used at the hearing. But the crazed Squealer somehow got it into his head that this limited and specific statement exonerated him of any involvement in Sp*nkgate. (I won't go into this here but this was, and is, bollocks). This was a document sent specifically to Tour's legal department and Eling was supposed to not be part of the Standards process (sorry, I shall have to pause as I have just wet my pants laughing......) The first question is how Eling came to have a copy of a legal statement in the first place?

A while ago I did a Freedom of Information request to Rotherham Council about The Squealer. They have refused to answer most of it and that has been appealed to the Information Commissioner. But I did point out at the time that during the whole Sp*nkgate affair confidential information was being leaked to me. I asked what steps Rotherham Council were taking to ensure that Eling - their employee - did not leak THEIR confidential information but they got all hoity toity and refused to answer again.

Thanks to a West Midlands Police source it is now apparent that Jan Britton misused SMBC to further Eling's political vendetta against me. I now have THIS full unredacted email:

"Sent: 02 March 2018 10:59 > To: Tara Owen; Christopher Fox; Richard Baker > Cc: Jan Britton; Philip1 Tart >

 Subject: Important document - Statement of Julian Saunders.pdf > 

 You may be aware that Cllr Mahboob Hussain made a standards complaint against me relying on the publications of Saunders to substantiate his complaint. The complaint was submitted to the Council by solicitors acting on behalf of Hussain.As the material of the complaint was third party, hussain was challenged to substantiate his complaint. This was done through a signed legal statement made by Saunders and sent to the Council. > > Whilst the statement contains some un-evidenced statements of things claimed to have been said and does not contain the full set of exchanges on WhatsApp, it does set out in paragraphs 10 on page 2 and 11 on page 23 evidence that I was not engaged in the WhatsApp exchange. In fact paragraph 11 confirms what level of communication he did have with me which does not include WhatsApp. > > What he has done here is incriminate himself by his own hand by confirming that his published claims of having received WhatsApp messages from me are untrue and therefore malicious. > > I understood that the Council had previously provided his statement to the police. I am now attaching a copy of that statement as part of my evidence in my complaint against Saunders. Please find attached. > > Would you please confirm that you have received this and added it to the evidence base. >

 > Regards. > > Steve"

Let's unwrap this little bundle of bile:

1   As above, the statement does not exonerate Eling as it only relates to one small part of "Spunkgate";

2  Anyone know who Tara Owen is? Notice Eling and Britton are seeking to waste the time of not one but TWO senior officers here - Fox and Baker.

3  Jan Britton is involved again and it is absolutely clear that he has used SMBC to send out a copy of my confidential statement. There is no legal claim SMBC have against me and they have absolutely no legal right to disclose a legal statement to aid a Councillor's twisted political hate campaign. Further, Philip Tart is named. He is a Solicitor and subject to that profession's own professional standards rules. Worse, he is also Deputy Monitoring Officer. Let us hope that he is just a recipient of the email and that he did not let himself be used in this scandal. As a solicitor, however, he had a duty to advise SMBC, his client, as to the error of its ways. What did he do?

4  Question how Eling had the statement in the first place which he then personally sent to a third party. Did he just take it from somewhere? Did Britton unlawfully hand it to him? How did it get from the legal department to him and why? I am referring that myself to Sandwell Police.

5   Please remember that West Midlands Police have tried to hide some of this email from me.

Clearly there is a wider concern here that if a member of the public voluntary provides a legal statement to SMBC, Jan Britton's bent paid service may disclose it to third parties including Councillors who may then use it maliciously against the author. Once again it is surely time for the Government to step in here and take control of this rotten authority!

There is more to come soon on Eling - read The Skidder Kidder!

Note to Sandwell Councillors

I will very shortly be commencing legal proceedings against Eling and SMBC. You must realise that Eling's has defecated his own nest. If you have any emails or other evidence of Eling's libellous and malicious campaign against me, or that of SMBC itself, please contact me asap.

Remember folks - the C*cksucker trial is on Monday morning at Dudley Mags! Come and see the latest part of this ongoing conspiracy unfold!


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