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Squealing Eling's Justice 4 The 21 Email In Full!

Set out below is the email that Cllr Steve "Squealing" Eling, the under-pressure Labour "leader" of corrupt Sandwell Council, and West Midlands Police (WMP) have tried to conceal from me and the general public.

By way of background Steve Eling (with the connivance of Jan Britton, the joke "Chief Executive" of Sandwell Council who was copied into everything), bombarded his friends in bent WMP with requests to have me arrested. This has been brilliantly exposed in The Times newspaper today by its Midlands Correspondent, Neil Johnston. Buy The Times (page 19) or visit the website (there is a paywall but if you register you can read one article for free).

The article is headed "Labour town hall chief told police to arrest blogger".

Neil has done some brilliant research. What a difference to have a proper journalist working on things as opposed to the likes of "The Wolvo C*ck-Suckers" aka the grovelling Express and Star!

West Midlands Police are notorious, of course, for their part in the Birmingham Pub Bombings "investigation". They fitted-up six men for the horrendous crime. They have refused the bereaved families information about the whole matter. To this very day the families are fighting to assert their legal rights and to learn the truth about the murder of their loved ones. If ever there was a police force that should do the decent thing it is this one but Dave Thompson's team continue to fight to thwart their sorrowful quest.

Please support Justice 4 The 21 campaign and make a small donation towards their legal costs at:

Just before I go on, it is important to note that the ghastly Labour dictatorship in Sandwell have an old trick they use if they are in the sh*t. Suddenly an anonymous source "makes a complaint" to Labour who feel they "have to act" - usually via a kangaroo court. This is how the comrades crucified former Labour councillors Jayne Wilkinson and Mick Davies (see posts passim). Eling is a pathetic man often hiding behind his wife, a prominent local Labour activist who has a house far away from the Black Country sh*thole of Sadders in a pretty Derbyshire village. Eling is currently squirming to distance himself from his role in the Sp*unkgate Affair (again - posts passim) and trying to drop all the blame on disgraced Councillor Richard Marshall. You will see below that the ball-less "Leader" is trying the same pathetic "third party information" stunt again.

All this arose from an informant within Sandwell Council (my heartfelt thanks) who was disgusted how SMBC were trying to fit me up as a "criminal". Following an application, WMP sent me, inter alia, SOME of Eling's emails to his puppet in the local Sandwell force, Chief Superintendent Richard Baker. (The Police have still not made FULL disclosure and are hiding at least two emails - I know because I have them - as do my solicitors!) Eling used his own email account on a couple of occasions but mostly was permitted by Jan Britton to pursue a party political vendetta against me via Sandwell Council's auspices. Britton was copied in on all relevant emails. The Head of Legal and statutory Monitoring Officer, highly controversial Surjit Tour, was also copied in on a number of emails. Thus a Council was unlawfully engaged in attempts to criminalise me with the full connivance of two of its most senior employees.

Eling, allegedly a socialist, has a fondness for money and so he combines his role as Sandwell's "leader" (which comes with generous allowances) with a job as a policy officer at another Labour basket case council, Rotherham MBC. (At present Rotherham are refusing to say whether any of Eling's emails were sent when he was supposed to be at work). Bizarrely Eling is not in a politically restricted post at Rotherham but has the same conduct duties as any other council worker. Judge for yourselves from the email below whether he is in breach of those duties!

WMP sent me this heavily redacted email and then point-blank refused to show me the unredacted version:

Note especially that Eling used the Sandwell Council email account to launch his despicable campaign on the bereaved families (and see further below).

I confronted The Squealer and asked him why he was seemingly attacking the Justice 4 The Campaign but in true Eling fashion he ran away as this video shows:

Addendum - Link not working at present. Please go to terminustrading on Your Tube and view "Justice 4 The 21 - Eling Keeps His Gob Shut!"

The Squealer then got onto YouTube to try and get the video taken down! Whether he used Sandwell Council to try and do this is not known yet. I wrote him this email as long ago as 16th November, 2018 but he declined to respond:

 "Fri, 16 Nov 2018, 08:47
Subject: Justice 4 The 21
To: Steve Eling <>


I note you are refusing to say why you reported me to WMP for supporting the Justice 4 The 21 campaign.

For the record:

1   Please disclose the complete unredacted email you sent to WMP via Sandwell Council dated 18/03/18;

2   Please state why you and SMBC thought it appropriate to report me to WMP for supporting that campaign.

3   The email was sent at 10.39am. Please confirm whether you were in Sandwell at that time or at work in Rotherham (or working elsewhere for RMBC).

Yesterday I was informed by YouTube that you had applied to stifle free speech and have my recent uploaded video removed from that site.

4   Did you contact YouTube or did SMBC (or did you use SMBC facilities to try and have the video taken down).

5   At what time did you contact YouTube and were you supposed to be working on behalf of RMBC at that time.

Please respond by 3pm today latest."

You will see that Eling had two opportunities to explain himself but failed to do so.

Very recently I obtained the unredacted email from a WMP source. This is what they and Eling were trying to hide:

Let us analyse this:

1 Eling has sent this himself  - signed "Steve" - to his police puppet. He has unlawfully used SMBC channels to pursue a political vendetta;

2 Jan Britton caused and or permitted this email to be sent with many more when this was NOT a Council matter. The Birmingham pub bombings were NOT in Sandwell. He hates me and was prepared to deploy the Council's resources without question for Eling to try to criminalise me;

3 Eling makes no mention of any "third party" supplying him with information (although Jan Britton was using SMBC resources to help Eling's political campaign);

4 The reference to "Magher" is to Darryl Magher. He is a community activist and has been a parliamentary candidate for UKIP. I believe he intends to stand as a Parliamentary Candidate for "For Britain". Whatever one thinks of Mr Magher's politics, Jan Britton is the Returning Officer at Parliamentary elections and yet here he is using SMBC resources (or permitting them to be used) directly against a candidate and local activist;

5 Question why the pathetic Eling thinks support for the families of murdered people is worthy of a report to the Police FFS? He is clearly suggesting that they engage in "extreme politics" which is an appalling and vicious comment to make. Question whether a Council employee would normally face disciplinary action for making such statements?  Question whether Eling and SMBC via Britton have grossly libelled the bereaved families? Query why a senior WMP officer didn't reply to this crap and tell Eling where to get off? Did Eling's puppet not respond because WMP share Eling's contempt for the victims and their families?

6 Bizarrely, Eling copied Cllr Elaine Costigan into this. She is a liar who enjoys the protection of West Midlands Police for reasons unknown. They have failed, inter alia, to investigate her role in the "Wednesbury Celebrates" debacle and her involvement in a controversial planning application when she was tapping up the applicant for "donations" to one of her projects. She made the most ridiculous and false allegations against me in a mammoth police investigation started by Eling but no action has been taken about this. Two days ago I wrote this email to Costigan but received no response:

"Date: Thu, Jan 3, 2019 at 12:26 PM
Subject: Justice 4 The 21
To: <>


On 18th March 2018 Eling sent an email to the police about my support for the Justice 4 The 21 campaign.

I have seen the heavily redacted copy sent to me by the Police and Eling is refusing to comment about this.

I understand via SMBC press office that the email was copied to yourself. Any idea why? Can you also please send me an unredacted copy as I have made an official complaint to the national Labour Party and need to get a full copy for the General Secretary. (SMBC are dragging their feet with my subject access report when they will have to disclose this anyway)"

Any person with any integrity caught out like the wretched Eling would get on their knees and beg forgiveness from the families blighted forever by a vile terrorist crime but not this whining sh*t. Instead of that, Squealer has tried to "explain the matter away" in his usual cack-handed way.

This joker told the Times he was:

"legitimately passing on highly sensitive information from a concerned third party to the Police".

How on earth does his moronic and hate-fuelled email constitute "sensitive information". In fact he is in a hole but keeps digging since the clear inference from this is that he still believes the Justice 4 The 21 Campaign are indeed some sort of extremist organisation and that it is appropriate to report its supporters to the very police force that has done them so much harm.

As above - this weasel has given no excuse for his actions since mid-November but is now trying the stunt referred to above ie that he (and SMBC via Jan Britton) were simply passing information on from a third party (unnamed, of course, although why was he copying Costigan into this?)

When the monstrous former "Leader" of the Labour dictatorship died, Eling - a long -serving Councillor - was supposed to be "a safe pair of hands" but this feeble grunt was involved in Sp*nkgate and vicious campaigns against other Labour Councillors. He has lied to the grovelling arse-licking local media (eg that SMBC do not use confidentiality agreements when these have cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds to shut potential whistleblowers up and his own wife is said by the splendid Skwawkbox website to have signed one!) He took inordinate steps to cover up his partial residence in Derbyshire though was caught out with information from the Public Records Office. There are major questions about his belated "statement" saving Cllr Hackett from a Standards investigation. He was instrumental in the dismissal of former Assistant Chief Executive Melanie Dudley. The list goes on an on....

These Labour scum in Sandwell are not the resigning types (and Lady Macbeth would almost certainly not permit Squealer to do it). For the most part the phalanx of Labour Councillors are pathetic, dimwitted, grovellers but if he won't do the decent thing it is up to them to pass him the pearl-handled revolver! (For the benefit of WMP the latter comment is a well-known saying and is not an incitement by me of the use of illegal firearms "lol"!)

I have sent a complaint to the General Secretary of the Labour Party (and others) about this despicable email. I hope Justice 4 The 21 will do the same as people who hold such abhorrent views have no place in local government.

(Stay with The Skidder folks as there is more shocking stuff to come....)


1   Does anyone know of a SMBC employee called "Shana"?

2   Does the name Tara Owen mean anything to anyone? Is she an employee of SMBC or WMP?

3   Does anyone have the phone number and/or an address for the business "Paul's Gardens" in Sandwell as I wish to contact the current owners.


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