Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Formal Complaint Against Street Warden - Cockgate!

Here is a formal complaint sent this morning to Sandwell's joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton which should be self-explanatory.

Just as an aside, I did write to Kevin Dennis some time ago asking for his comments about his involvement in all this but he declined to respond. I thought he would be "up for it" noting his current job as, er, Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commission!

Date: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 10:56 AM
Subject: Formal Complaint Against Street Warden 18 - Chris Jones - and/or Persons Unknown
To: Jan Britton <>

Dear Mr Britton,

Please note that due to my grave reservations that this complaint will be ignored in the normal way under your leadership [sic] of SMBC I am taking the unusual step of placing it in the public domain.

It would be preferable not to name Warden Jones publicly but there is already serious and credible evidence of a cover-up by your bent paid service concerning this specific matter as recently as 17th August, 2016 and so people need to be aware of what is actually going on here (especially as you have declined to disclose the 2016 evidence and statements.)

Yesterday I spoke to two street wardens at Oldbury Council House. One opined that in an incident such as the one I mentioned ie Cllr Simon Hackett urinating in a bus shelter he would ALWAYS issue a fixed penalty notice as it would be grossly unfair to others if he could unilaterally let people off. He said that a notice would ALWAYS be issued and then it would "go upstairs" and it was up to "them" what happened next. He asked his colleague who had heard my specific question whether he could EVER recall a situation when HE had not issued a FPN in such circumstances and the colleague, whom I now know to be Warden 18 Chris Jones, said he could not.

At that point the two wardens were called into the security office and when they came out they declined to comment any further.

Warden Jones gave your investigators a very clear statement that he found Cllr Hackett urinating in a bus shelter. He took Hackett's details (how?) but he says he claims he was not aware that Hackett was a Councillor at that stage (which makes his failure to issue the Notice in a routine case all the more surprising.) This was "in the early hours of the morning". Cllr Hackett claims to have been too intoxicated to recall the incident.

Members of your bent paid service (though not necessarily corrupt themselves) apparently took statements from Warden Jones, Philip Gilbert, Kevin Dennis and Mark Bowhay.(I know at least one of these individuals has left the employment of SMBC.) A report states:

"Agreed facts: It is agreed that no paper records exist which record the incident"; and

"A fixed penalty notice was not issued at this point [ie when he found Hackett urinating in public] by Chris Jones.

Complaint One:

(a)  Warden Jones failed in his duty and without reasonable excuse to issue a fixed penalty notice on the spot;

(b)  There is nothing on the record to suggest why a fixed penalty notice should not have been issued on the spot but Warden Jones failed to keep any written record whatsoever of this incident so that a FPN could be issued later eg when back in the office. This was a gross dereliction of duty.

We are asked to believe that Warden Jones - who, remember, says he did not know Hackett was a Councillor at this stage - made no note of the incident whatsoever  - "no paper records exist" -  but carried the information around in his head for the rest of the night. If this is true then Complaint 1(b) applies. If he did make records and if they have been wilfully destroyed then:

Complaint Two:

(a}  On a date unknown an employee or employees of SMBC conspired to destroy official records in breach of their terms of employment and, in this case, the law in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

On his return to the office Warden Jones had ample opportunity to issue a fixed penalty notice but did not do so. Curiously, as he states he did not know who Hackett was, he appears to have discussed the matter with a superior first. Your investigators [sic] say:

"as it was recognised [next morning] by one of the warden supervisors [unidentified] that the person stopped was a councillor."

Complaint Three:

(a)   That Warden Jones failed to issue a fixed penalty notice when he returned to the office and this was dereliction of duty;

(b)   That an unidentified warden supervisor failed to issue a fixed penalty notice at the point showing bias on behalf of a councillor and in dereliction of duty.

This part of the Complaint may be academic (unless there has been conspiracy to pervert the course of justice) since at least one of those name is no longer employed by SMBC. However, Messrs Philip Gilbert, Kevin Dennis and Mark Bowlay somehow became involved in this matter.

Complaint Four:

(a)   Messrs Gilbert, Dennis and Bowlay failed to issue or procure the issuing of a fixed penalty notice in dereliction of duty and, depending on the circumstances in an attempt to pervert the course of justice;

(b)  Showed bias in favour of a councillor and to the disadvantage of the general public in failing to issue or procure the issuing of a fixed penalty notice contrary to their contractual obligations and the law;

(c)  Failed to make and retain any written record whatsoever of their involvement in this incident in dereliction of duty.

I expect to report from you within 28 days together with confirmation of the disciplinary action you have taken against Warden Jones and/or any of the other named or identifiable participants.

In the event that Warden Jones (and others) are not immediately suspended pending the outcome of your enquiries please confirm what immediate steps YOU are taking to ensure the protection of the public from further failures of this type.

Please also formally acknowledge receipt of this complaint.

Julian Saunders

Addendum 16/01/18 - Jan Britton has yet to acknowledge receipt of this complaint.


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