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Labour Rebellion Against Tyrannical Eling!

It looks like the worms are beginning to turn. To throw another metaphor into the mix, Labour Leader [sic] Eling's vicious attack on Council workers seems to have been the straw that broke the camel's back with the more sensible of his comrades.

For those that are not keeping-up with the rapid slide into chaos of Steve "The Milkman" Eling's shaming leadership he was on the BBC this week boasting how he pushed Standards Committee hearings through against his main enemies - Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones. (Incidentally, this will be added to the ongoing Standards complaints ongoing AGAINST HIM as it was supposed to have been the Chief Executive who brought the case against against Hussain and the Audit Committee - packed with Eling puppets like Piper - who took action against Jones on pathetically flimsy evidence. These were laughably supposed to be apolitical hearings but nothing is apolitical in a stinking dictatorship and, once again, Eling has let the cat out of the bag.)

At least in the Jones affair we now have public evidence that the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, was corrupt - as everyone knows - and so further questions must be raised as to why the comrades have stuck a picture in memory of the former wife-beater outside the Council chamber!

In a criminal court case it would be not be on for the prosecuting counsel to go and have a "chat" with the jury before the trial but Sandwell Labour is above the rule of law. And so the day BEFORE Jonesy's hearing the highly controversial new Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour, arranged a private, and more importantly top secret, "briefing session" with the four Councillors on the Committee who should have known better than to attend and whose position on the Committee is now untenable. Two of them, Shackleton and Trow are Cabinet members and long-serving Councillors. Geoff Lewis and Sue Crompton knew the score. Lewis and Trow are also local Labour Party officials there to ensure that The Party gets its way (eat your heart out Beijing!)

Mr Tour bizarrely took along the Deputy Monitoring Officer, Philip Tart, even though Tour had received written notification that Jonesy intended to call Tart as a witness at the hearing! Insiders told me that Tart was "one of the good guys" (a rarity in Jan Britton's bent paid service) but he now has serious questions to answer about this episode.

A local well-known Labour Party figure recently described Eling to me as being "on the spectrum". But whatever he is, he completely "lost it" when he heard that details of Surjit Tour's secret meeting had been leaked - and allegedly started shouting obscenities. The upshot was that he (a Unison member and Labour leader) ordered the immediate suspension of seven - YES SEVEN - employees Eling suspected of being the source of the leak. He doesn't have the power to do this and so we must assume that the joke Jan Britton executed the order.

Jan Britton put the Council's IT system into partial lock-down too in a search for the alleged culprit. It seems no-one bothered to discipline Tour or Tart for holding the secret and highly irregular meeting in the first place!

Eling (pictured with some of the obscenity he and Marshall put on a WhatsApp feed) only got the top job after a disputed election and he (and his wife according to High Court evidence) set about trying to destroy those who had not supported him. His ruthlessness in attacking seven Council workers betrays his insecurity. At the time of writing, The Skidder understands that no evidence has yet been found of wrongdoing but they have faced a very stressful period and, inexplicably, remain on gardening leave.

This blog has reported time and again how the Unions have been up Sandwell Labour's arse for years but if The Eling Seven are not guilty they must demand The Milkman's head here!

Some comrades - not just those in the Wednesbury area - have expressed utter disgust and astonishment at what Eling has done. I wrote to all Cabinet members and asked them individually if they had prior notice of Eling's bullying decision and whether they condoned it but they have all failed to respond. Now at least some of the local Party - West Bromwich West CLP - have had enough and have put down a motion for the next Labour Group meeting. In a Skidder exclusive - here it is (ironically sent to apparatchiks Cllrs Lewis and Trow - see above]:
West Bromwich West – Motion to Sandwell MBC Labour Group

This CLP condemns the actions taken by Sandwell MBC, in instigating the suspension of seven Cabinet secretaries, on unproven grounds of ‘leaking’ information concerning a pre-meeting which took place on Tuesday 23rd January 2018,  prior to the formal Standards Committee meeting on the following day.

This suspension has now been lifted and the Cabinet secretaries placed on ‘gardening leave’ prior to redeployment.

Such actions are a fundamental abuse of natural justice, a breach of appropriate Trade Union agreed processes and are contrary to the historic values of the Labour Party.

This CLP demands their immediate re-instalment and an apology to each of the victims of these actions.

Now Eling must defend his aggressive bullying! Perhaps jokes like "left-wing trade-unionist" Cllr Bob Piper will remove his tongue for The Milkman's bottom and condemn the man he worships?

We must all support this reasonable demand for justice and support THE ELING SEVEN!

More Paranoia From Eling:

We have seen that Eling is now using the Council's Street Wardens as his own Praetorian Guard - presumably with the permission of Jan Britton. We have seen that Warden 18 Chris Jones has been involved in the Hackett public urination business and as he is still on duty and not suspended I am going to the Police with regard to this whole agfair and asking them to investigate what appears to be a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice by a number of individuals.

Wardens 5 and 15 illegally barred me from a public meeting and there is ongoing legal action with regard to that. After the meeting further Wardens (including Warden 18 Jones) arrived to "guard" Councillors as they left Oldbury Council House! (You are paying for this crap taxpayers!)

But I was due to give evidence at Jonesy's Standards Hearing and Eling and Britton could not stop me lawfully entering the building. If you were wondering why you didn't see many Wardens out and about on the morning of Wednesday 24th January doing the job WE pay them to do it was because Eling and Britton had seconded FOUR - yes FOUR - of them to act as security guards at the Standards Hearing! As the number of people watching form the public gallery was, er, zero you may well ask what is going on here. Of course, part of the object of the exercise was to intimidate me. Unbelievably, I was ushered into an upstairs committee room and a guard placed outside!

At one point the female warden was on the landing but when I asked to use the lavatory she stood in the corridor until I came out! (I had to wash my hands thoroughly as this was a facility also used by The Sp*nk Brothers!) To be fair - she did offer me a cup of tea at one point.

I felt a bit like Rudolf Hess with 4 guards just for me. Mind you - it gave me great pleasure to sit and write a blog about this stinking Council from the inner rectum itself! If you don't believe this incredible stuff here's a pic of me mid-blog and you will see the yellow hi-vis of one of my jailers through the glass panel in the door. As with most things Sadders - you don't have to make up extraordinary nonsense because it's all true!!!!

(Apologies - photo below omitted from first posting!)



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