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Lovely Smear of Jonesy by Goudie QC!

2018 in Sadders has started with a bang! Ok, more of a whimper...

The long-awaited Standards Hearing in respect of alleged misconduct by Cllr Mahboob Hussain is taking place in his absence! An application for an adjournment was made that Mahboob was unfit to attend and medical evidence was supplied. But Labour Party stalwart Geoff Lewis wasn't standing for any of that and decided the hearing should go ahead after a very long debate where the public and press were excluded. One of the grounds for the hearing proceeding was said to be the imminence of the Council elections in May......

Of course, Hussain is a busted flush. He and his family are now raking in the profits from the land deals and their other businesses with the connivance of bent West Midlands Police officers. You will see from the Eling/Marshall papers disclosed via this blog that apart from some demand for vengeance even The Sp*nk Brothers were not that worried about him anymore. I hear he does genuinely have some medical issues and also that has father has been very poorly in the last few days.  An ambulance was very recently spotted at the house. Of course, the real game - orchestrated by London-resident MP's Spellar and Watson - is to use Hussain's political downfall to denigrate and ultimately destroy Adrian Bailey MP. You will see (again from this blog) that Eling and Marshall were encouraging The Skidder to dig the dirt on "comrade" Bailey.

But in the disclosed papers you will have seen that Eling and bankrupt Marshall were desperate to destroy Cllr Ian Jones (and his family). They made a serious of highly defamatory allegations against him (some of which I cannot repeat here) and asked me to envision him "sp*nking" over fellow Cllr Maria Crompton in her bikini - which these weirdos thought would be preferable to him "doing" ie having sexual intercourse with his wife, also a Labour Councillor. In the new-look "feminist" Labour Party NO action is being taken against this pervy pair! Indeed, it is said that Labour are trying to find a Council seat for Eling's wife despite the fact that she lives in Derbyshire! (Evidence was given in the High Court and not countered that Mrs Milkman phoned Jones when he decided to stand against Eling for the leadership and said if he did not withdraw she would "destroy" him and his family!)

At the hearing there are no less than THREE mega-expensive London barristers including James "Goldmine" Goudie QC. His Junior is also acting in the ridiculous Standards Hearing against Jones (see earlier post).

Readers will remember that following my allegations the Late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, and the head of Sandwell's deeply corrupt paid service*, Jan Britton, tried to head off the police "investigation" into the land sales etc by throwing a colossal amount of money at Wragges - an expensive firm of solicitors to provide a whitewash. They limited the scope of the instructions to Wragges eg to exclude the Cllr Rouf land deal. But things went wrong when Wragges began to see the amount of evidence of corruption, cronyism and incompetence during the Cooper/Britton era.

The ultimate report is very poorly written and glosses over some major scandals. As is usual with these things a first draft was sent out to the accused parties one of whom was Jonesy. His solicitors objected to certain allegations against him and these were removed from the final report

Due to the appalling behaviour of Mr Mark Greenburgh of Wragges, who mocked the disability of a member of Cllr Hussain's family which he attributed to "inbreeding", Jan Britton got cold feet and decided to shaft the taxpayer again by getting a QC to report for a huge fee on the, er,  costly report. Clearly the comrades would not let the instructions go to anyone other than a Labour Party "insider" and so James Goudie of that ilk (and husband of Labour Peer, Baroness Goudie) fitted the f*cking enormous bill!

"Goldmine" considered the Wragge Report and the revision to remove certain allegations against Jones relating the #boggate scandal - first disclosed in this blog from information passed to me by friends of The Milkman and Tom Watson. The QC duly stated [at 113]:

"..., in my opinion, it was both reasonable and appropriate for the Council:- .....(4) following the first draft of the [Wragge] Report, to withdraw allegations against [Cllr Jones]."

At paragraph 116 of his Opinion he went on:

"I attach a brief report as to which issues should in my opinion be considered for taking forward to the Council's Standards Committee. It should be noted that they relate only to [Hussain] and not also to Jones."

The Wragge report effectively found that Cllr Jones had NOT breached the law or the code of conduct in respect of #boggate and "Goldmine" concluded [at 142]:

"I consider that the [Wragge] Report's ultimate conclusions about [Cllr Jones] are well balanced and fair."

End of story? Now read on...

Since the first Opinion Jan Britton has authorised further huge payments to Mr Goudie and he must now realise that he has hit "the jackpot" noting the fetid swamp that is Sadders. He also got the job of defending SMBC in respect of Hussain's (failed) judicial review proceeding against the bent Council.

In criminal trials the prosecuting counsel has to be scrupulously fair to the Defendant. But here "Goldmine" recommended the action being taken against Hussain, acted in the case that defeated Hussain's objections and has been richly rewarded with the gig of "prosecuting" him!

He who pays the piper calls the tune? Oh no. It is, no doubt, entirely coincidental that "Goldmine" put his elegant shoes right into Jones's nuts today. He must surely be aware that the so-called "independent person" on the Committee is the same one sitting in judgment on Jones and yet he put the poison down at around 1 hour 58 mins on the tape when he directly said to Mr Tompkinson that Jonesy should consider himself "lucky" that he too was not facing a Standards hearing in respect of the same matters! This, as above, is directly contrary to his own written Opinion. Was it accidental that such an experienced senior lawyer tried to influence the "independent person" involved against Jones? I think he should tell us don't you readers? No doubt, in the interests of fairness Lewis will ask him. Don't hold your breath folks!

Tomorrow morning, disgraced employee and liar David Willetts is a live witness. He has given a new statement for the purpose of these proceedings but it is not clear from the papers made available to the public whether the other TWO statements he has given are in the document bundle. He gave a statement to the audit team and another to Wragge's. I hope these will be available tomorrow so folk can compare and contrast his differing versions of events.

"Goldmine" has no opposition tomorrow as Hussain is not there and is determined to "pot" Mahboob. And so his examination of Willetts - who falsified information in a Freedom of Information reply - should be interesting tomorrow particularly as he originally said in his written Opinion [at 119]:

"It is for consideration whether a claim should be pursued against [Dave Willetts] with respect to financial loss for the Council on the sale of the toilet blocks."

It seems that at some point (presumably after the death of The Scumbag who was a massive mate of our Dave) SOMEONE at SMBC apparently suggested that a raid should be made on Willett's taxpayer-funded pension fund to compensate the Council and it seems that this threat persuaded him not to give live evidence to the audit committee? Surely it cannot be the case that he has been offered immunity from action if he dubs in Mahboob? Or can it? This is a matter for Lewis to investigate - if he and the comrades really believe in fairness! "Lol."


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