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P*sspoor BBC Thrash Eling With Wet Lettuce Leaf!

Time and time again we have seen the BBC fail to cover the corruption, cronyism, incompetence and bullying within their friends at Labour Sandwell Council and that they have shown clear partiality when they do get their act together.  A senior BBC journalist led the memorial event for the late Smethwick Scumbag, corrupt Darren Cooper. We saw the nonsense with the so-called "news" programme Midlands Today.

(Of course, one senior male Sandwell Councillor frequently boasted of having sexual intercourse with one of their presenters.)

As this blog has shown, "Leader" Steve Eling and Cllr Richard Marshall met with The Skidder in a Birmingham pub and tried to recruit me to attack various Councillors and, particularly, Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones. Eling communicated lightly with me via his personal email account but the pair set up a Whats App feed and sent loads of communications, thereby exposing confidential information, abusing all manner of people, making grossly obscene and transphobic remarks and much more. The full thread (with a few necessary redactions) is available at:

Whilst this course of communication was ongoing, Private Eye Magazine (one of the few media organisations to actually do some proper journalism about the Labour disaster-zone) published that a Councillor had been subject to a court summons for, er, non-payment of Council Tax! Sandwell refused, as per normal, to answer a Freedom of Information request to name the errant individual. I found out it was Marshall. In some Whats App messages and phone calls Trick Dicky finally fessed up and gave me a cock and bull story that it had been overlooked due to a bereavement in his wife's family. Meanwhile a BBC Journalist called Alex Homer (who had previously been a slavish propagandist for Sandwell Council and Darren Cooper at his former employers, The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers (aka The Express and Star) had picked up the story and spoken with Marshall.

I told Marshall I would be running the story and he sent me the following message alleging that Alex Homer on behalf of the BBC had agreed to lie on his behalf. Alex Homer denies this but I cannot trace any sign of the BBC running the story. Anyway - here is the message and this is clearly what Marshall was telling me:

Of course, all this was before Marshall was made bankrupt when he and his wife cheated a widow out of £30,000 and they couldn't pay the money (increased substantially by interest and legal costs) back after blowing it.

Now a BBC Broadcaster called Alex Lester has failed to do his homework properly and let Eling p*ss all over him on air!

On Friday last Eling appeared on WM. During the interview (in which Eling defamed me - thanks to folk who sent me the recording) there were the following two exchanges about the WhatsApp stuff:

Alex Lester: "He [James Morris MP] specifically accused you and another councillor of asking a blogger to give the Chief Executive "a kicking". Is that correct?"

Cllr Eling:  "No, it is not correct."

Alex Lester: "That's an absolute lie - definitely not?" (Meaning that James Morris was lying not Eling).

Cllr Eling:  "It is. I have never asked him to kick anybody so erm (then returns to the subject of James Morris)"

And then later:

Alex Lester:  "Now the thing is - let's just go back - you say you deny actively sending - I mentioned the, er, you or another councillor asking a blogger to give the Chief Executive "a kicking". And so nobody as far as you are aware has sent any or you didn't and no-one else as far as you are aware has sent a message to that effect?

Cllr Eling:  "I'm not aware that there's been a message asking a blogger to give the Chief Executive a kicking. I certainly haven't given a blogger a message to give the Chief Executive a kicking." (Once again he rapidly turned the conversation to a rant about James Morris MP.

Eling thinks he has got one over on the BBC because what he said was technically true. Interviewer Alex had not researched the matter adequately or at all and named the wrong person. It was the (female) Assistant Chief Executive Melanie Dudley that Eling and Marshall wanted me to harass (and again later on other occasions too). And here is the offending message they sent me (the white messages are them):

Note the "we" in last message ie Eling and Marshall!

So Eling whilst ducking the real issue did not lie and thanks to pathetic interviewing he got away with it........

Alex "the Dark Lord" (and his on the ball BBC colleagues) could have read all about Eling and Marshall's vicious harassment of Ms Dudley as long ago as 31st October 2017 when The Skidder published:

Whilst all this was going on neither BBCWM nor Sunday Politics Midlands (where Eling appeared on TV) mentioned a huge breaking story where someone leaked that Sandwell Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour, and his Deputy, Philip Tart held an highly irregular meeting in secret with members of the Standards Committee the day before their Stalinist Show Trial of Cllr Jones. Eling was so furious that the secret meeting was in the public domain he suspended SEVEN Council workers! Big story of Eling totally losing self-control and a LABOUR council sh*tting on employees completely overlooked by pro-Labour Sandwell Council BBC!

Two days later Eling appeared on Sunday Politics and seasoned Oldbury Kremlinologists sniffed the first bat squeak that Eling is going to let Marshall carry the can. This was the relevant piece with an interviewer (who I think was Elizabeth Glinka - my apologies if it was not):

Interviewer:  "There are accusations that you have attempted to use social media to retaliate against your political rivals, the people you have an axe to grind with. What do you say to that?"

Eling:  "Well I don't use social media at all. I haven't got a single social media account. I haven't got Facebook, Twitter or a blog."

Interviewer:  "There are accusations that you tried to get other people to use it on your behalf."

Eling: "No well its rubbish. Absolute dross."

Interviewer:  "So you are saying that all the accusations made by James Morris are essentially lies?"

Eling:  "Well they certainly are in relation to me. Other people have posted on social media. All sorts of horrible stuff gets posted on social media but nothing has been posted on social media by me because I haven't got a single social media account."

Eling actually sat back with a broad grin on his face presumably amazed that he had been given such an easy ride! Here is the actual screengrab showing smug Steve's self-satisfaction at "winning" this part of the "interview". He may mock folk but the storm clouds are gathering...

It is because of supine mainstream media like this that The Skidder has to keep going and continue to speak truth to ye huddled masses. We march on comrades!

PS - Eling seems to have bought a new tie in, er, Thailand. Thank heavens he only goes there for neckwear and not for what one predecessor Sandwell Leader [sic] "Bangkok Bill" went for.......


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