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Trial Fiasco as CPS Scramble to Protect Britton + A.N.Other

Many of you will already know that my "c*cksucker" trial was adjourned yesterday. I can do no better in describing the basic facts that refer you to the excellent Skwawkbox piece which came out in super -quick time after the debacle:

The trial has been put off to 14th January (the Court is aware that I may still be recuperating from an operation then but have listed it on the basis that I will have to present medical certificates for any further adjournment).

I cannot comment on the case as it remains sub judice but I can report on yesterday's hearing. I have, in fact, written a formal complaint to the Court and the CPS which is self-explanatory:

"On 11 September I attended a “first time up” hearing at Dudley Mags. The CPS made an application to prevent me from cross-examining prosecution witnesses which failed.

Yesterday I attended for trial with all my witnesses. I was called in before District Judge Jonas who informed me that as long ago as 25th September the CPS made a second application to prevent me personally from cross-examining prosecution witnesses. He said the application had been “lost”.

The learned District Judge made an order pursuant to Ss 36 and 38 of the Youth Justice and Civil Evidence Act 1999 that I be debarred from cross-examining the prosecution witnesses. He told me that I had no legal right pursuant to that statue to make any representations to the Court on this subject (thus I was debarred, for example, from informing the Court that I was a qualified solicitor for 18 years - though admittedly some time ago). Thus the case was adjourned until January.

I spent four whole days preparing my cross-examination for the trial. Myself, my wife and my witnesses incurred travelling expenses and inconvenience on a wasted day. If for any reason any of my witnesses fail to attend in January I will be at a severe disadvantage when they were there yesterday ready to testify.

I ask for a copy of the CPS application and confirmation of:

When it was received at Court; and
What happened to the letter thereafter?

I make formal complaint about the apparent failure of the Court’s administrative processes.

From the CPS point of view this is the log of correspondence I have sent them:

1   Email 20/09/18 (confirming I was representing myself + contact details)
2   Letter 21/09/18
3   Letter 25/09/18
4   Letter 02/10/18
5   Letter 04/10/18 (also sent to the Court who acknowledged receipt 05/10/18)
6   Letter 10/10/18
7   Letter 15/10/18 (copied to the Court and responded to by the Court)
8   Email 21/10/18
9   Email 22/10/18.

With all this correspondence I served witness statements and video information to try and help everyone define the issues in this case and to save court time. 

Subject to what is said below I received no communication from the CPS whatsoever - not even the courtesy of acknowledgements. I know the CPS received the actual letters since I personally hand-delivered them to their offices in central Birmingham. Presumably as an accused person representing themselves I am just scum and not worthy of their time?

More particularly, the CPS did NOT bother to inform me of their application to gag me. Why not? 

When I got home last night after the aborted trial there were two letters from the CPS both dated Monday and sent by post rather than email. Thus the two letters were received AFTER I had been to Court. What on earth was the point of posting letters to me at that late stage?

I also make formal complaint to the CPS regarding their treatment of me.

Obviously this is a very stressful time for me. I am 60 years of age and have never had a parking ticket. Now the agony is prolonged for myself and family into 2019. This is a very unsatisfactory situation.

Although I have a Birmingham address I live just over the border in Worcestershire. I am sending a copy of this letter to my MP, Sajid Javid.

The CPS may be treating me like scum but obviously jump to attention when Sandwell Council contact them since they made an application for a bail condition to be imposed yesterday ie that I did not enter Sandwell Council House until the trial. This was, incredibly, on the basis of the footage I took of Eling's bullying paramilitary force as shown in my recent blog:

Once again I am treated appallingly by this Council but THEY play the victim card! Happily the District Judge gave this nonsense short shrift and I remain on unconditional bail.

The bail application did produce the best quote of the day:

CPS - Mr Saunders does not live in Sandwell....
Skidder - Neither does the Chief Executive! Boom, boom!

I sought to make representations to the Court about the troll account Jan Britton is following (he was the first follower and remains one of just two). Unfortunately the District Judge would not hear me as the Court was running very late. Accordingly I have written to the Court (and CPS) today:

"Further to my aborted trial yesterday I am taking legal advice with regard to the question of representation. Please continue to communicate with me directly until you are advised differently.

Attempts to Prejudice Trial

Yesterday I tried to raise an important matter before District Judge Jonas but due to the constraints of time he declined to hear me.

I refer to my blogpost of 20th September, 2018 (attached herewith).

As of yesterday this troll account still has only two followers. One is possibly also a troll account and the other is the original follower who is Mr Jan Britton - the complainant in my case. The troll, believed to be Mr Andrew Hipkiss, has been doing his best to prejudice my trial by putting false and/or wilfully misleading information about me in the public domain.

He also set up another troll account @SandwellSkipper using my photographs etc but Twitter have taken that down.

The troll cloned my account and pretended to be me whilst simultaneously trying to prejudice my trial. On Monday night - ie the night before my (aborted) trial -  this account, which Mr Britton chooses to continue to associate himself with, put up the attached post calling the District Judge a “cocksucker” - which is, of course, the very word Britton complains of me using.

Mr Hipkiss was a very close associate of the late Darren Cooper with whom he conducted a vicious trolling campaign against myself and my wife. Cooper was, of course, the Leader of Sandwell Council where Mr Britton is Chief Executive.

Had the trial proceeded yesterday I intended to make an immediate application to the Learned District Judge to have Mr Britton explain his conduct with relationship to this person and the Twitter account before the commencement of the trial proper and, as above, I attempted to make that application yesterday. Irrespective of the question of legal representation I want this issue dealt with in open court at some stage.

Although I have a Birmingham address I live in Worcestershire. I have made formal complaint about this troll and Mr Britton’s involvement with the account to West Mercia Police who have a crime reference number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Although not on his patch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at Sandwell Police is also kindly trying to help in respect of this matter.

On a different issue I am, of course, calling a Sandwell Councillor to give oral evidence. I also enclose herewith letters/emails from six other councillors. These go beyond mere character statements as the CPS agreed and, no doubt, my legal representative (to be appointed) will make further representations with regard to same in due course.

I enclose herewith for the Court file statements from the following Councillors:

1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
6 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yours faithfully,"

And so we fight on comrades against the forces of darkness!

(PS would the female who left me a voicemail yesterday afternoon please call back as message unintelligible....)


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