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Lion Farm's "Dr Death"!

"Dr" Alison Knight (Doctorate in Education, 2004) is the very-highly paid employee in corrupt Sandwell Labour Council now charged with pushing through the bent deal to destroy Lion Farm Fields on behalf of Squealing Eling and Paul Moore - (Who he, Ed?). Knight (pictured) was not involved in the original dodgy deal but it is she that has used her "expert professional knowledge" to present a Report to Cabinet claiming that this stinking transaction will create 2,000 jobs at a time when each day brings forth news of shops closing and whole retail chains failing altogether. She has yet to produce a shred of evidence for her "professional opinion" about the likely job creation just 5 miles from Merry Hill but it is repeated ad nauseum as "fact" by the moronic local media. Show us the evidence Knight!

Dedicated Skiddererati will remember my post "Twice A Knight":

Here is Knight's impressive LinkedIn "CV":

As you will see from the above and my earlier blog "Dr" Knight has been employed my Sandwell before. She was deeply involved (although not the only culprit) in the disastrous "Click" project - a Labour f*ck-up of epic proportions even by Sandwell Council standards.

Nothwithstanding this horrendous blot on her record she has been re-employed right at the top of Jan Britton's bent paid service on a stonking salary. It is said that she is a member of that very select and silent band - the Friends of Mrs Eling - but even if this is true I am quite sure that in an open and transparent authority like Sadders (ROFLMAO) that was all declared at interview. I have, however, written to The Squealer asking him about this and whether he was on the interview panel. He has yet to reply.

It must have been an interesting interview when the good "Dr" was seemingly exonerated for her significant and failing role in the Click catastrophe and then offered a top job. I wonder whether the interview panel also asked her if she was one and the same person as "Ms Alison Knight", a Director of Employment Needs Training Agency Ltd - thereafter CIC (in more ways than one!) Of course, if they are one and the same person Alison would have no doubt mentioned it in detail in her SMBC job application.

"Ms" Alison became a Director on 24th November, 2003 and brought her no doubt considerable commercial expertise to bear here for nine years. She resigned on 6th December, 2012 just as, er, the Company collapsed with HUGE debts. As you will see from part of the liquidation report below the trade creditors, big and small, were shafted for nearly half a million quid. Us taxpayers also took one up the derriere due to the Company's failure to pay tax and vat:

And so the Company of which "Ms" Knight was a longstanding director collapsed with debts of three-quarters of a million pounds. Heartbreakingly even some small charities lost out:

I wrote to "Dr" Knight yesterday morning asking her if she was one and the same person as "Ms" Alison Knight but she has yet to respond. Surely it can't be "our" Alison or she would surely have mentioned this further f*ck-up on her LinkedIn "CV"!

"Dr" and "Ms" Knight coincidentally share exactly the same birthday. Further the 2003 Companies House records show her as"Ms Alison Knight" whereas the 2012 for the same person refers her to as "Dr Alison Knight"!

I think we should be told don't you readers?

Addendum - Knight has just made this statement:

"I was a non-executive director in a voluntary capacity at Employment Needs Training Agency CIC between 24th November, 2003 and 6th December, 2012."

 Skidder Comment:

She was still a Director (who signed off the last set of audited accounts) of a company which failed spectacularly leaving many debts.


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