Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Twitter Love Trolls #4

In part 3 of this occasional series on Twitter's bias toward trolls and against victims, I set out the full dossier that has been sent to Twitter on numerous occasions concerning the troll network attacking me and my wife.

Despite this, my completely innocuous personal account - which dealt almost entirely with beer, pubs and local history remains suspended thanks to a spiteful complaint by the Labour Leader of Sandwell Council. But even worse, the canny Californians have UNLOCKED the account impersonating my wife so that it is now active again!

The account impersonating my wife was set up using my wife's name and profile picture and parodying the name of MY - currently suspended - personal account @kingsnortonchap, calling itself @kingsnortonlady.

It is currently using my wife's maiden name. The account was set up in December and started to troll just before Christmas. Numerous complaints have been made to Twitter and they have seen my wife's passport, driving licence and marriage certificate. They suspended the account once and also locked it but have now reinstated it! How can this be? What evidence can the trolls have supplied that causes Twitter to overrule all the ID evidence from my wife?

Why can't Twitter even see from the profile that whilst the account claims to be that of a female the profile is directly referring to me?

Just before the troll @kingsnortonlady was temporarily locked by Twitter he put up one of the usual bullying warnings and when unlocked immediately attacked Bob Woods (who should be doing a guest blog here soon). You will see from the following block of tweets that the troll lied about the reason for not tweeting and that another troll in the network, @Gemmawool15 (of whom Twitter are well aware) joined in the celebrations and threatened a new blitz.

Linda and I have just had three cracking days in London but took a few minutes out on Monday to visit Twitter's secretive HQ. There is nothing on the outside or inside of the building to signify the presence of the great free speech advocates and security men even try and stop photos being taken on the street outside! As expected, no-one from Twitter had the cojones to actually meet us. We were asked to give our details to one of the main building receptionists which we duly did and were told Twitter would be in touch. Of course they haven't been, so once again all this guff about clamping down on trolls is nonsense to try and appease the financiers.

We had been hoping to show, amongst other things, that we were real people and ask how Linda could be impersonated for OVER THREE MONTHS and yet Twitter are actively permitting the troll to continue. You will have to make do with a picture of my lovely wife outside the anonymous HQ!

The curious thing was that as we were having a coffee round the corner from Twitter beforehand we came under a massive and crazed troll attack from the aforementioned @Gemmawool15 (see above). This will be subject to a separate post in due course but this nutter appears to be now alleging that I was guilty of some sort of assault at a place where I used to work (as ever, untrue). In a single day this troll (which again has gone through several name changes but started as, er, Wayne Rooney*) bombarded me with 44 (forty four) tweets - also copying in MY WIFE'S employers on 12 (twelve) of them. West Midlands Police - you have a crime reference. What are YOU doing!

Besides the other matters  which I will come back to in a future post there was the usual vile stuff about Linda - some of it copied into Twitter and even to the alleged troll-hunter himself - the CEO Dick Costolo!

Strangely there were one or two lapses into illiteracy which were reminiscent of the oeuvre of Cllr Darren Cooper @sandwellleader himself which is all rather odd.....

Whistle "why'll" you troll - "Lol"
And that word "boy" was used again:

Compare and contrast this with my blog of 21/12/14:


And we all know that Cooper is a silly "as":

But Gemma is at it as well!!!!

And so Twitter love the impersonating troll @kingsnortonlady whilst suspending my real @kingsnortonchap. That's what a call a "clampdown" Dick!


Twitter suspend @kingsnortonlady account - which Cllr Cooper has been actively engaging with for some time with the full knowledge that it was a troll account.

*Twitter - Google it!


E-mail:  thesandwellskidder@gmail.com               Twitter:  @bcrover (Vernon Grant)

Confidential phone no: 07599 983737

Three Degrees - An Open Letter to Cadman

Regular readers will know that there is currently a new Freedom of Information Act request with Labour Sandwell Council concerning their secret funding of the allegedly "private" "Three Degrees" statue project. In the meantime, the statue "entrepreneur" Jim Cadman has failed to answer of the legitimate questions I have raised noting that he has managed to extract significant public money for this effort from the crafty comrades at SMBC.

Here is an open letter which I have forwarded to Jim Cadman and I am sure you will agree the questions are wholly legitimate in all the circumstances of the case.

(Once again Google Blogger seems to be churning up my script and apologies for any inconvenience).

Letter to Jim Cadman - 31st March, 2015

Dear Mr Cadman,                                                                                                 31st March, 2015

I am disappointed to note that you have chosen to date not to put information concerning your (if it be your) appeal fund for the so-called “Celebration” statue in the public domain, particularly when significant public funds have been diverted to your allegedly private project.

Please note that this is an open letter which has been placed on my blog. You should already be aware that I have written to HM Revenue and Customs to see if they shed any light on your various fundraising projects and I am also forwarding this letter to them.

You are invited to answer the following questions so that the public can be satisfied as to the current position.

A  Other Projects

  1. Despite correspondence with a number of parties in respect of your previous “statue” and football-related fundraising activities no-one has been able to furnish me with any accounts whatsoever in respect of same. Are you able to supply copies to me?

B  Legal status of the Celebration Statue Fund

  1. What is the legal status of the Celebration statue fund?
  2. Who controls the fund?
  3. Who are the signatories to the fund’s bank account?

C  Your Current Business Interests

  1. What is your business relationship with the sculptor, Graham Ibbeson, who you recently described to a Morecambe newspaper as your “business partner”?
  2. What is your business relationship with the sculptor, Graham Ibbeson, in respect of the “Celebration” statue?
  3. What relationship is Mark James Cadman to you?
  4. Is Mark James Cadman involved in any way with the Celebration statue fund? If yes, please supply full details.
  5. On your recent flyer for the dinner at The Hawthorns you used your Corstone e-mail address for contact purposes. Can you please confirm whether your company Cornerstone Marketing Limited is involved in any way with the “Celebration” statue appeal? If yes, please give details.

D  Tesco/New Square

  1. When did you first communicate with Tesco/Spenhill concerning the siting of the proposed statue?
  2. Are you prepared to disclose your correspondence with Tesco/Spenhill in respect of this project?

E  Cost of Statue and Accounts for Appeal Fund

  1. Please supply full accounts for the appeal “fund” to date.
  2. Insofar as the figures are not included in E1 above, in respect of the recent dinner at The Hawthorns please state:
  1. the amount paid to WBA FC for the event;
  2. all other miscellaneous costs including any fees paid to celebrities;
  3. the amount of free tickets supplied for the event;
  4. the total ticket revenues for the event;
  5. all other monies raised via raffles etc at the event.
    3.   Please state whether at any time during the course of this appeal any fee or other
           emolument has been paid to Brendon Batson, Cyrille Regis, the Cunningham family or
           any ex-WBA player?
    4.   Local newspapers are reporting that the cost of the statue is £220,000. Please state:
  1. The amount of this sum that is to be paid to the sculptor, Graham Ibbeson:
  2. The amount to be paid to yourself/Mark James Cadman and/or any of the numerous companies which you are both connected with and whether that figure is included in the figure of £220,000?
     5.   Have you received donations from the FA, The Premier League and/or the Kick it Out
           campaign? If yes, please supply details.
     6.   On 20th November, 2014 The Birmingham Mail reported you as saying at that time that
           you had “raised” in cash or pledges £155,000 (although the Express and Star reported
           two days ago that you now only “need” £30,000 to £40,000). Please state:
     a.   Does that sum include the sum of £30,000 Labour Sandwell Council have diverted from
           vital infrastructure monies and already paid to you via unspecified channels?
     b.   Is the sum of £155,000 or such greater sum you are now claiming, the total of gross
           donations you have received or the net amount following fundraising                            
           expenses and any fees or payments to yourself/Mark James Cadman and/or any of the
           numerous companies with which you are both involved?
     7.   Do you know why Labour Sandwell Council’s annual budget book should show that the
           Council have budgeted a further payment of £160,000 to this allegedly private project and
           in the CURRENT financial year ending TODAY?
     8    What was the fee payable to Mr Frank Skinner in respect of the event at Birmingham
           Town Hall?
     9.   What, precisely happened to the £30,000 paid to the “fund” by Labour Sandwell Council
           in two instalments of £15,000 each? Has the money been spent and, if so, on what?

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Addendum 19/04/15 - as at today's date there has been no response from Cadman whatsover and my further Freedom of Information Act request to Sandwell Council remains unanswered. Are the above questions unreasonable when public money is involved and lies have been told?

E-mail:  thesandwellskidder@gmail.com              Twitter:   @bcrover  (Vernon Grant)

Confidential phone no:  07599 983737

Friday, 27 March 2015

Twitter Love Trolls #3

In this occasional series examining the doings of the Californian "Masters of the Universe" we have looked at the hopeless inadequacy of Twitter's attempts to control trolling. If you read through what follows you may wish to consider whether you wish to use a medium which stacks the deck in favour of the bullies and against the victims.

Because of this blog, I have been targeted by trolls for some time but at the beginning of December 2014 a co-ordinated campaign started against me and my wife (who is completely unconnected with the blog) in an effort to silence me. My wife's employers - a charity - were copied in on all sorts of nonsense as was another Birmingham charity where she is a voluntary trustee. (Coincidentally, at the same time Councillor Darren Cooper has been using other methods to make trouble for my wife with her employers for no other reason than that she happens to be married to me!)

The people behind the troll attack (there are at least two) know that, apart from help from some truly exceptional helpers, this blog is a solo effort and if you have not had to face a co-ordinated troll attack yourself you will not understand the huge amount of time involved in fighting it off. The trolls are aware of this and no doubt the plan B if they could not bring down the blog was to tie up my time so much that I couldn't research and write it in the run-up to the May elections.

In December, I was fire-fighting the numerous trolls as they sprang up but this was taking up so much of my time that in early January I compiled a standard "dossier" to send to Twitter each time they asked for information. This saved time regarding the generic issues and I could then just draw Twitter's attention to specific abusive tweets.

I am afraid that The Twitter "dossier" is now very long but is set out below in full so that everyone can see what has been going on (there are  a few minor redactions, unfortunately, for legal reasons). Please note that it is not the easiest read as it has been through a number of incarnations as things have changed and new trolls have emerged so that information has been added on a piecemeal basis. Because this is a co-ordinated campaign and because Twitter are ignoring what most of you will think is blindingly obvious from the dossier, the fact is that as soon as they take one troll down another simply springs up. Twitter seem to deal with each account on an individual basis and to wilfully ignore the "bigger picture".

I have asked Twitter if I can meet with someone at Twitter UK to discuss trolling on a forthcoming trip to London but I have not had the courtesy of a response.

Twitter have only taken down three of the accounts involved in this concerted attack so far:


(Recognise a theme in the account names? Good - because Twitter can't!)

I must just mention the troll account @kingsnortonlady. Regular readers will know that this troll has been running since before Christmas it is STILL current. It was set up using my wife's name and photo and with a name parodying my personal account. Twitter have had our passports, marriage certificate (showing Linda's maiden name which the troll is currently using) proof of address etc but despite suspending the account they reinstated it! Linda has a current complaint in and Twitter have "locked" the account but look at what they say:

"We have reviewed the account you reported and have locked it because we found it to be in violation of the Twitter Rules:https://support.twitter.com/articles/18311. If the account owner complies with our requested actions and stated policies, the account will be unlocked."

Can you believe this - the "account owner" is a troll impersonating my wife and Twitter are going to contact THEM to say they can continue if they say they will obey the rules! How can a troll impersonating someone "satisfy" Twitter that they are genuine when Twitter have all the documentary evidence to the contrary???????

Also despite the very full dossier which Twitter have been sent countless times they have now come back and asked if we know of any other linked accounts involved in this campaign!!!! Are Californians incapable of reading? Franz Kafka would have a field day with this lot.....

Here is "the dossier" sent to Twitter on numerous occasions together with other evidence of abuse:



Julian Saunders writes a political blog relating to the affairs of Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (“SMBC”). This is a community blog - which can be viewed by you at:


You should note that the subtitle of my blog is “In The Public Domain” and you will see below that the trolls have hijacked this title for a defamatory blog of their own which they are trying to promote via the network of twitter trolls.

It has been in existence since 19th, November, 2013 (whereas the blog impersonating me was only started on 1st March, 2015) and is now well-established. From the very beginning Julian and the blog have been attacked by the Leader of the Council, Darren Cooper, via his twitter account @sandwellleader and via xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (see further below).

Linda Saunders used to work for SMBC and a related organisation until she was made redundant. She has no involvement in the blog but Mr Cooper has openly attacked her via his @sandwellleader twitter a/c and, more particularly, via xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. This is a clear attempt to intimidate Julian Saunders into closing down the blog and xxxxxxxxxx the police (see below). Linda now works for an arts charity and is a voluntary (unpaid) trustee of another arts charity, both of which have been attacked by Mr Cooper, his associates and the trolls.

Julian compartmentalizes his twitter accounts and uses:

Vernon Grant - @bcrover : this account uses a nom de plume and is used in respect of political matters and the blog. My name is on the profile and there is a link to the blog.

Julian Saunders - @kingsnortonchap : a purely personal account;

@xxxxxxxxxxxx : an account supporting the arts within our region.

Linda just has a personal account: Linda Saunders @xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I recently set up two further accounts. The first @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

In view of the forthcoming UK elections in May, 2015 I also set up @SandwellBorough and this was clearly linked to my blog as you will see from the profile. This account was intended to deal with matters relating mainly to the political parties involved in the parliamentary election rather than the local Council which Julian was covering via @bcrover

I can be contacted by telephone on either of these phone lines one of which is a UK landline:

0121 xxx xxxx

Mobile - xxxxxxxxxxxxx

There is also a phone number related solely to the blog - 07599 983737

We have both sent copies of our UK passports to Twitter and Linda Saunders has also sent a copy of her driving licence to confirm our address which is 11 Chelworth Road, Birmingham B38 0BG, UK. Linda has also recently sent a copy of our marriage certificate.

We are NOT trying to conceal our identities and are NOT trolls.


The blog uncovered some potential irregularities involving SMBC and various councillors which are now the subject of a fraud investigation by the UK Police. This has led to Julian Saunders receiving telephone threats of extreme violence - particularly when in the Sandwell area making investigations for future posts. Nothwithstanding knowledge of this Darren Cooper, his associates and trolls have repeatedly placed photographs of Julian on various Twitter accounts including one that was covertly obtained, thus placing Julian in greater physical danger.

The Police have tried to contact Twitter but you have declined to provide them with information. They will be happy to speak to you, however, as they are still actively investigating the trolling since this constitutes unlawful harassment in English law and, possibly, also witness intimidation (given that Julian has supplied information to the fraud enquiry).

We urge you to speak with:

Detective Sergeant Wayne Haynes
Regional Fraud Team

UK phone number - 0121 251 2175 (01144 121 251 2175 from California. The best time to coincide with main uk business hours is 01.00 to 09.00 Californian time)

The Crime Reference Number specifically in respect of the trolling is 20BW/219129/14.

Troll Tactics

As above, Darren Cooper has attacked Julian Saunders and the blog via his own account. We suppose that we will have to accept that much as part of the cut and thrust of “politics” and freedom of speech (although Julian Saunders is NOT a politician and is concerned, as a community blogger, purely with scrutiny of wrongdoing, waste and incompetence at the Council).

Please note that Twitter suspended the @sandwellleader account on 19th February, 2015 but reinstated it within one day - ie with incredible haste. The violation was for posting a covert photograph of an individual, Mr xxxxxxx xxxxxx (see further below) but you do not appear to have considered why he did this. Councillor Cooper has been abusing the person in the photograph, Mr xxxxxxx, via Twitter, for well over a year and the use by him of the photograph was intended to harass and intimidate because the victim is working for one of Cooper’s political opponents in the run up to the UK General Election.

Please note that Councillor Cooper did exactly the same thing to Julian but Twitter have taken no action whatsover!

Mr Cooper has just about stayed within the civil law of the UK in respect of defamation but he has encouraged associates - real people - to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx including:

@paulkerton (see my blog, “Twitter Troll No. 2 - Double Header - Darren Cooper & Paul Kerton” of 3rd August, 2014 ie several MONTHS ago);

@brianrickers1 (Rickers is an officer of the Unite trade union which has significant influence in the Sandwell Labour Party. See my blog of 2nd December, 2014, “Labour Leader and Unite Officer Harass Arts Charity!”);

@Saralou80 (this woman, Sarah James, is an officer of the GMB trade union - as is her husband - which also has close links to Sandwell Labour Party. She attempted, unsuccessfully, to smear Julian recently and put the details on Twitter. See my blog of 20th December, 2014, “Skidder Shorts No. 22 - Hilarity at Oldbury Wetherspoons!”. She has now changed her Twitter account name to @_sarahloowho

@paulsgarden1 We believe this to be a real person who works for xxxxxxxxxxxxx although it is just possible that this account is a set-up and “Paul Reeves” is just another troll. Please Twitter take a look at his followers and you will “get the picture”!

@xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

We will most definitely bring civil proceedings in the UK if xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Prior to the recent vicious attacks there were a series of trolls connected to xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx ie


@OoOcatvius this particular account was short-lived and the first follower was @brianrickers1

At the beginning of December, 2014, however, a new and particularly nasty campaign began against us which does not constitute freedom of speech but harassment, intimidation and psychological bullying. It is noteworthy that many of the new trolls comment on some of the very themes that Darren Cooper has raised either via @sandwellleader or his real associates referred to above. Here is the non-exclusive list:

> Pay-off to Linda Saunders - Cooper constantly alleges that Linda had a huge pay-off when she was made redundant. Whilst she did receive a reasonable sum having been made redundant with some 33 years local authority service, she received her strict contractual entitlement - nothing more and nothing less - and this cannot be construed as a “huge” pay-out.

> That there is somehow something wrong with Linda Saunders being Company Secretary of the arts charity (there is not. In English law the charity has been set up as a company limited by guarantee and, therefore, requires a company secretary. Linda is it). He, his associates AND the trolls are constantly copying in Linda’s employers @xxxxxxxxxxxx (a charity) in an effort to cause trouble with her employers.

Unfortunately, the trolls are resorting to far more unpleasant allegations:

> Linda Saunders was guilty of bullying staff at her old job. Untrue and she has an impeccable work record and references. However the trolls constantly refer to “meetings” whereby people can attend and dish the dirt. This is psychological bullying. Just by way of example, the troll account claimed to be arranging a meeting for people to attend to dish the dirt (please bear in mind that they have been doing this for weeks now and no “dirt” has been forthcoming). As part of the provocation the alleged meeting was to be held in a cafe in the building where Linda used to work and “free drinks” were offered to attendees. The only problem is that this was supposed to be an evening meeting and the cafe closes at 2pm!

> Julian Saunders was convicted of drink driving and even killed a child whilst doing this. Untrue, of course, and highly defamatory.

> Julian Saunders defrauded a company he used to work for. Untrue and highly defamatory.

> Julian Saunders (who does occasional, voluntary, charity work) is an unsuitable person to work with children or to do this type of work due to a “criminal record”. Julian does not work with children per se but clearly this is highly defamatory. Obviously Julian does not have a criminal record as the police will confirm.

> That Julian Saunders takes photos of women and puts them on Twitter. Well you can check yourselves on that. See also the blogpost “Skidder Shorts No. 22 - Hilarity at Oldbury Wetherspoons!” referred to above.

> As with Linda there are an incredible number of tweets about (non-existent) meetings etc whereby people can dish the dirt on Julian. This constitutes incessant psychological bullying.

> That Linda is somehow unsuitable for her present job and is likely to be suspended or dismissed in the near future. Again this is psychological bullying. (In fact she has been xxxxxxxxxx). Nevertheless the trolls have been persistently tagging her employers @xxxxxxxx and the charity where she is a trustee @xxxxxxxxxx. You - Twitter - have the powers to check this yourselves! This has started up again once again since 18th March, 2015.

> Recently the trolls have been making constant references to either or both of us having had or still having affairs - over and over and over again. This constitutes psychological bullying and harassment and, once again, the trolls have been copying in Linda’s employers in an attempt to harass and intimidate us.

The trolls also briefly attacked a local newspaper which did a report on the ongoing police fraud investigation - see my blog of 19th December, 2014, “Trolls Hit Halesowen News!”. When the newspaper bravely ran another piece about the fraud inquiry the trolls attacked the journalist personally instead.


You may at this point also wish to see my blog post of 15th December, 2014, “Twitter Permits Trolls to Try to Silence The Skidder!”. These people are running rings round you and we are the victims. Here are some of the stunts that they are pulling and which you are deliberately choosing to ignore:

> Impersonation Some of the troll accounts have purported to have been set-up my either myself or my wife. Ask yourselves the simple question Twitter - why would we (a) keep changing the names of our own accounts (see our genuine accounts set out above which have not been subject to change since inception) and (b) why would we use these accounts TO TROLL OURSELVES????????

Many of the troll accounts are linking to either our names or that of the blog - see below.

The first really nasty blog of recent times which Twitter (eventually) suspended (but was UNLOCKED by you once!) kept changing name, profile and the profile picture (the profile pictures alternating to include hijacked pictures of US!)

The account which Twitter finally closed-down was @bhamskidder (which you will see is a clear reference to Julian’s blog - The Sandwell Skidder. It was originally set up using Julian’s name and surely Twitter should be suspicious when the account details keep changing? Why did you unblock this suspended account without asking for ID from the trolls?

Thus this is the history of the name alone all in a very short space of time:

Julian Saunders @bhamskidder (impersonation of Julian) >>> The Skidder @bhamskidder >>> Skidder @bhamskidder >>> Julian @bhamskidder >>> J Saunders @bhamskidder >>> Kidder@bhamskidder >>> Kidder @bhamskidder >>> Bham Skidder @bhamskidder.

Incidentally, and this is VERY important - this account was being followed by Darren Cooper @sandwellleader BEFORE it started tweeting!!!!!! Are you prepared to confirm that in writing to us please so that Julian can pass the letter to the police here?

Unbelievably, after we complained to Twitter the account was suspended by you but then allowed to start again before you finally took it down. We cannot understand how you can bombard us with requests for more and more examples, proof of identity etc etc and then let trolls continue regardless. We invite you to tell us whether you obtained passport photos or other ID from the troll(s)?

In any event other troll accounts have simply been set up which are carrying on where the above troll account finished ie the similarly named:

@brumskidder (at the time of writing Twitter have suspended this account) Note reference to my blog in name of troll account;

Skidder @tiviskidder (you have now suspended this account) Again - note reference to the name of my blog in the account title.

One of the current troll accounts (which Twitter AGAIN has suspended once but then allowed to continue) is following a similar pattern. This account is called @kingsnortonlady which you will note is a clear reference to Julian’s personal account shown above.

Once again, this has included changes to the profile pictures (including hijacked ones of us) and content but these are the name changes - once again in a VERY short space of time:

Linda Saunders @kingsnortonlady (direct impersonation) >>> Saunders @kingsnortonlady >>> L Saunders @kingsnortonlady >>> Happy New Year @kingsnortonlady >>> L Smith @kingsnortonlady (impersonation).

(L Smith is Linda’s maiden name).

This account was still LIVE as at 27/03/15 having been re-activated by Twitter after being suspended.

Can you please supply me with one example in the history of Twitter where an account set up impersonating a real person has somehow gone on become a legitimate account?????

> Other accounts constantly changing their names/profiles:

This is an odd one as the full name seems to have changed ie:

Wayne Rooney (a famous soccer-player over here) >>> The Skidder @bobtheskidder >>> James @wooljohn15 >>> Gemma @wooljohn15 >>> Gemma @Gemmawool15. This account is LIVE and looks suspicious.

(This account came “live” as a troll account on 1st, March, 2015 confirming our suspicions).

> Flashing: This is where Twitter is letting victims down very badly. The trolls have been flashing some of the worst stuff. We cannot watch the accounts 24 hours a day and report this vile stuff immediately but some kind people are trying to watch our backs and supplying us with screenshots which Twitter will not accept! The trolls know this and can use this knowledge to abuse the system. Just by way of example we reported a tweet from the still current troll (as at 27/03/15) calling Julian a “low-life cunt” but this has now been removed. Had we not reported this tweet you would not have accepted a screenshot to prove this!

> Farming Followers: The troll(s) are trying to garner as many followers as they can in as short a time as they can (and even bragging about it). The suspended @bhamskidder account started following over 1,000 accounts in just over two days hoping some will follow back.

Twitter are ignoring the obvious here in that there is no geographical or other connection between the followers of these accounts who are just “follow-back” merchants. If Twitter review these trolls they will see that apart from the usual suspects the followers are completely random. Once followed the trolls are engaging with the unwitting followers and are, for example, retweeting their tweets to make it appear that they are legitimate accounts. We understand that they are telling you that the number of followers shows that they are genuine accounts and you have been taken in by this on the  recent occasions when you have suspended accounts and then reinstated them! Please open your eyes!

(The trolls are now boasting about the number of followers on their accounts).

Unbelievably, the current troll has even been retweeting the local Police to appear legitimate and to laugh at us all as well as copying in Twitter support!!!

> Multiple troll accounts: Another major problem is that Twitter are only looking at individual accounts and failing to detect when a number of trolls are acting in concert as they HAVE been here. Despite this detailed dossier you are taking down accounts (and then reinstating them) on a piecemeal basis! Thus you suspended two trolls - @brumskidder and @the1nformer and the trolls simply started using @kingsnortonlady to harass and intimidate.

With your techie powers Twitter MUST surely be able to see the pattern and act accordingly?

The current troll accounts:

Twitter should note that these accounts are tending to act in concert - following each other, copying and retweeting each other’s tweets etc. Three real people accounts also appear regularly ie @sandwellleader - @brianrickers1 - @paulsgardens1. A further account seems to have joined in - @xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

@kingsnortonlady (see above) (Currently using the name L Smith - which is the maiden name of Linda Saunders and whilst purporting to be the account of a female is referring to Julian Saunders in the actual profile); Unbelievably this account - set up as a direct impersonation of Linda Saunders - has been suspended but then re-activated by Twitter;

@brumskidder (yet again making reference to Julian’s blog and frequently changing user name this account is currently suspended by Twitter);

@wmskidder (sound familiar? Blog reference again currently using Skidder Team @wmskidder);

@westbromskidder (yet again making reference to Julian’s blog);


@mrsskidder (obviously copying blog name again);

@jason_wicks44 (currently using The skidder team @jason_wicks44);


@the1nformer (this account has currently been suspended by Twitter);

@OdgenW (this account which may be linked to @xxxxxxx) came live on 1st March, 2015 and Twitter will note that it is linked to a Google blog which is impersonating my own in a rude manner: “In The Pubic Domain”.. The very first blog attacked two people - Julian and the aforementioned xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx. Twitter should note again that it was the use of a covertly obtained photograph (from @xxxxxxx) of xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx and disclosed by @sandwellleader that caused Twitter to suspend the latter’s account. This appears to be a new tactic where the defamatory material is put in the blog but then disseminated by twitter. The account is not in a real person’s name but titled after a “Futurerama” character.

Suspicious accounts and inactive but likely troll accounts:

@westbromchap (an obvious reference to Julian’s personal account and currently using the full name John Lewis @westbromchap);


@vernongrant - @vernongrant1 - @vernongrant2 - @vernongrant4 - @vernongrant6 - @vernongrant8 - @vernongrant33 (impersonating my nom de plume)

A supporter of thesandwellskidder.blogspot.com called xxxxxxx has noticed that the following three accounts have been set up:

@xxxxxxx - @xxxxxxx - @xxxxxxx




Will you PLEASE act to close this troll network down!

Events of 17th January, 2014

Unbelievably Twitter suspended MY Vernon Grant @bcrover account after receiving a “complaint” - presumably from one or more of the above-named accounts or @sandwellleader or @brianrickers1 (Councillor Cooper - @sandwellleader - has, in fact, now boasted to a local newspaper that he was indeed a complainant about my accounts).

Councillor Cooper @sandwellleader keeps referring to me as a troll but I am clearly not. I AM a political opponent and he does not like that especially with an election coming up. But, as above, my name - Jules - is on the profile page and my blog has been running since November, 2013! See - thesandwellskidder.blogspot.com

More importantly we have both supplied Twitter with proof of identity documents - hardly the action of “trolls”. Have Twitter requested the ID documents for any of the above “real” trolls?

Cllr Cooper used his own personal account @sandwellleader and gloated that my account has been suspended and this tweet can leave little doubt that he is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the trolls - please see the words I have underlined:

Well done all the #trollking had his twitter A/C suspended #mademyday” (17/01/15).

“Well done ALL” - it says it all doesn't it?

My account was suspended by you for 6 days! You reinstated Councillor Cooper’s in less than one day!

You re-instated @bcrover but as will be seen below you took it down again…..

Events of 13th March, 2015

Unbelievably twitter suspended 3 of JULIAN’s account - @bcrover @xxxxxxxx and @SandwellBorough No reasons have been given as yet. Twitter should take a look at the reaction from @sandwellleader @brianrickers1 and the three trolls @kingsnortonlady @OdgenW and @Gemmawool15 and you may be able to draw some obvious inferences from the reaction!

Twitter have been aware via THIS dossier of multiple accounts which are allowed by Twitter unless abusive. Julian made full and frank disclosure from Version 1 of this document dated 10/01/15 - 2 months before the complaint and suspension!

Events of 17th March, 2015

Twitter also suspended my personal account @kingsnortonchap This was nothing to do with the political issues whatsoever until twitter suspended @bcrover and Julian used it to disseminate his blog.

Incidentally, Julian has only had two complaints in respect of his blog from over 182,000 views. One was regarding a genuine mistake and Julian printed an immediate retraction.

In the accompanying e-mail I will include a link to recent blog posts regarding the troll attack my wife and I are currently facing.

Twitter have reinstated my political accounts but are still refusing to re-instate my purely personal account which has completely innocuous content - mostly about beer and local history! Why?

Julian and Linda Saunders

Version 1 10/01/15
Version 2 13/01/15
Version 3 14/01/15
Version 4 17/01/15
Version 5 14//02/15
Version 6  26/02/15
Version 7  02/03/15
Version 8  13/03/15
Version 9  18/05/15
Version 10 27/03/15


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