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Sandwell's Trappists.

Darren "The Turdmeister" Cooper and Tom "The Rutting Walrus" Watson are two of the biggest gob-shites in the Labour Party but are still refusing to answer legitimate questions raised by this blog - so let's try again! (Of course, if YOU know any of the answers here - please contact The Skidder!).

Wealthy Watson (who filled in individual voter registration documents claiming to be living for a substantial part of the year in one of the Sandwell houses owned by homelessness charity worker Cllr Simon "Two Homes" Hackett but has used an address in, er, Bermondsey, London on his election papers) has been speaking in Parliament against Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT's) but has never declared any sort of financial interest. (Of course, this egomaniac infamously went through the wrong lobby at Westminster on one of the votes on this subject and voted against his own campaign!).

Watson has declared cash donations of £5,500 from a private individual, "Derek Webb", but when I checked the money had actually been paid to his West Bromwich East constituency Labour Party (although they only declared £5,000). Now there just happens to be a chap called "Derek Webb" who runs a shadowy organisation called "The Campaign for Fairer Gambling" and the "Stop the FOBT's" campaign. Here he is in the centre of this picture outside Parliament, standing next to The Walrus himself:

Now I have been writing to Watson, to the Campaign and to the Campaign's representative asking the simple question - is Derek Webb of the Campaign one and the same person as the cash donor? But despite repeated requests no answer has been forthcoming either way which is strange....

I don't know about you readers, but I rather want to find out if, on gambling issues, every time Wealthy Watson opens the slot in the front of his face a man called Derek pops another coin in?

Of course, The Walrus is still refusing to say whether he got a degree at Hull University following his time there or not. Recently, Watson was gobbing off again about Labour improving the Freedom of Information Act (which will go down well with his crafty comrades at SMBC who hate the Act and regularly abuse its provisions). Well I made a FOI request to Hull Uni and they would not reply as the request dealt with "personal issues". They said they could reply if Watson waived his right to privacy on the subject. So come on then "Mr Freedom of Information" - either just tell us or send me a signed waiver and I will apply to Hull again? Simples!

Last Sunday I revealed that having got rid of The Liar Cashmore from Bristnall, Labour had selected in her place Carol "The Debtor" Goult. The insolvent Goult - who can't manage her own finances but wants you to vote for her so that she can manage yours - entered into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement to avoid personal bankruptcy. If she has paid off her debts the IVA is usually removed from public records after three months but it is still being shown as current. The Skidder team have shown that Debtor Carol is one and the same person as Bristnall's Labour candidate but Labour are refusing to say if the IVA is, indeed, still ongoing? Voters need to know this!

Funnily enough, one Stephen Goult of the same address as The Debtor Carol is ALSO subject to an IVA from the same date in October, 2011.

Labour are refusing to confirm or deny that one of their other 23 candidates was convicted of benefit fraud in the 1990's. Why?

The woman-bullying troll, Cooper, is still refusing to say why he told people a curious tale concerning his home extension loan and there remains total silence concerning the serious accident involving his vehicle outside Brandhall Labour Club in 2008. He admits it happened and says he "was found not to be at fault" so why all the secrecy?

Needless to say the sleazy socialists have not provided information in respect of the Three Degrees Statue scandal and Sunny Jim Cadman has failed to respond to the open letter I sent him with a list of legitimate questions. See my blog post:

This blog has raised many other issues that remain outstanding. The bent ice rink "deal" will be the subject of a further post soon but the current " white elephant in the room" is 1 Providence Place. Labour are still trying to keep it secret how much they paid for this huge building - believed to be in excess of £20m - and, more to the point, what they are going to do with it now they have wasted taxpayers' hard-earned on it.

The Labour dictatorship in Sandwell has 70 of the 72 seats and the lack of any serious opposition to hold them to account and to scrutinise their ludicrous activities is proving to be a disaster for the Borough. They are a law unto themselves (although the High Court has slapped them down twice recently at huge cost to the taxpayer - the socialists being happier to put money in the pockets of lawyers to fight hopeless cases than to improve local services).

The story is that Labour will move from the Oldbury Kremlin to the taxpayers' new £20M+ building in West Bromwich but that all the Labour Councillors have agreed not to mention this until after the election as the move will have dire consequences for the already down-at-heel town of Oldbury.

UKIP's sole current Councillor, Phil Garrett, asked a specific question about this at a full Council meeting. I was there. He asked the moronic Cooper if SMBC was moving its headquarters from Oldbury to West Bromwich. The clown "leader" gave a one-word and absolutely unequivocal answer, "No".

Now there are legal issues as BT still have a (part) lease until October, 2017 but Cooper has clearly ruled out the possibility of a move.

So what are Labour planning to do with the monumentally expensive building? How does Cooper's no doubt absolutely truthful answer in a public meeting square with this from the report to the Council's own Cabinet (presided over by The Turdmeister himself) of June, 2014:

......This is a state of the art building capable of meeting the Council’s long term accommodation requirements.   

...... The acquisition of the head leasehold interest would provide the Council with a modern headquarters facility in the heart of West Bromwich that will meet the Council’s accommodation requirements in future years.  

.... The proposed acquisition will consolidate the Council interest in West Bromwich and, in the longer term, provide a flagship Head Quarters facility that will meet the Council’s accommodation requirements for the foreseeable future.

The proposed acquisition will provide BREEAM excellent accommodation for Sandwell employees. The property was constructed in 2011 and has all the requirements of a modern office block. This will be of benefit to the Council employees working within the property.

The financial advantage to the Council starts to materialise in 2017 and in the longer-term there are significant savings to the Council by virtue of the ownership of the flagship Head Quarters property in West Bromwich.

... It also delivers the advantage of acquiring a substantial asset that the Council is able to occupy as its premier head quarters facility.

Additionally it is anticipated that this property will become a major component within the office portfolio. The Office Accommodation Strategy has been amended to reflect the importance of this office facility and its significant contribution to be able to deliver services to the residents of Sandwell."

It should be specifically noted that the sleazy socialists tried to keep the above document secret. They redacted it in it's entirety from the publicly-available cabinet agenda and then refused to disclose it when I made a Freedom of Information Act request for it. I had to apply under the Act for an internal review to get it. But that is the way Labour operate locally. We are scum and we are not allowed to know anything.

Now there are only three possible scenarios here:

1. Something has changed eg BT are not moving in 2017 or some other issue has arisen - in which case the public still need to know what the comrades intend to do with this incredibly expensive building;

2. Labour SMBC, having now bought the building. have decided in secret not to move. In which case where is the documentation surrounding this resolution?; or

3. Cooper is lying (and the whole of the Labour Group are conniving with him).

Now (3) couldn't possibly be true so we need some hard facts here! Even the absurd Turdy can't have two "headquarters" buildings in Oldbury AND West Bromwich (Why aren't the mainstream media picking this up?)

Oh, and by the way - Sandwell is awash with cheap office accommodation but megalomaniac Cooper and his so-called "socialist" cronies demand a "flagship" and a "state of the art" building even when blaming "the Tories" for "cuts".  Happily, all us taxpayers may be going to pay for it for them.

Vote Labour y'all!!!!!

If you have evidence of possible wrongdoing by Sandwell Council you can speak in confidence to DS Wayne Haynes and the police Regional Fraud Team on 0121 251 2175.


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