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Breaking News - Marshall Suspended!

One of the three complainants to bent West Midlands Police hoping to get them to close this blog down is in deep doo doo again. Whilst this has not been confirmed by "official" Party sources a number of local Labour figures have confirmed that bankrupt (financially and morally) Councillor Richard Marshall HAS been suspended by the Labour Party and that this is NOT a "voluntary" suspension.

Two days ago I put up a link to the excellent blog written by Sandwell Tories (even if you don't share their politics they have written well on the fraud, corruption, cronyism and incompetence engulfing Labour Sandwell Council.) They had surmised - rightly - that Marshall was one of the complainants against me and accused him, if that was the case, of "having more front than Blackpool." Quite so!

In the interests of political balance, the "hard left" are now also taking an active interest in Sandwell Labour and a series of highly critical and interesting pieces has appeared on the Skwakbox site:

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This blog has exposed time and again the problems with WMP having become a politicised arm of the deeply corrupt Council. When I spent four hours + in Oldbury nick last week being interviewed by, yes - this is TRUE - the WMP "complex crime unit" - some of the stuff they were coming out with was incredible. The statements from Councillors B and E were particularly absurd but WMP believe these people because they are Councillors. Even though there had been a lot of attention on my blog (no wonder the readership figures are booming "lol") none of the rozzers appear to have actually READ and absorbed the contents. Rather, some poor bugger has been delegated to go through it with a pink highlighter pen and to "select" bits that can be "used against me" whilst ignoring the context and, rather more importantly, the facts!

Just by way of a small example, the Police referred to Marshall being a Cabinet Member but he lost that position when Herr Eling finally reversed that catastrophic appointment. Marshall himself also referred to "his previous bankruptcy" suggesting that it is not ongoing! These are really simple matters where you would think the "complex crime unit" could establish the, er, facts, before hurling false and incorrect accusations at people in interrogation sessions! The attitude seems to be that the (moral) Cowards in Blue will just gather as much sh*t as possible then chuck it at "the CPS" to sort out!

Rather more worrying is that this blog has shown that WMP officers (including senior ones up to, at least, Inspector level) have lied over and over again about alleged investigations into the corrupt Labour Council. I am most definitely NOT saying here that Chief Supt Rich Baker at West Brom has lied but a person who alleges she was defrauded of a very large sum of money by, inter alia, Richard Marshall tells me in writing that she has brought the matter to the attention of WMP and that Rich Baker has told her that the matter HAS been referred for investigation. (This is the same woman who won a civil court judgment against Marshall.)

WMP never said anything about this to me last week even though I have written extensively about the civil case and Marshall's other debts (don't forget those folks since he has tried to suggest he was otherwise debt free and it was only the court case that brought him to bankruptcy. This ignores the 3 CCJ's in his wife's name - relevant as she was a party to the civil case - trade debts and the thousands tricked out of another near neighbour.) The problem with all this is that officers appear to be ignoring serious issues about the bona fides of complainants if they are Councillors and, worse, submitting files to the CPS (who have not had the advantage of meeting witnesses) on the basis that the Councillors are all fine upstanding folk who are telling WMP the truth. Surely this must colour any CPS decision to prosecute or not? (I went through all this is 2015 when a WMP DS was very aggressive after I suggested Dickhead Daz was an inveterate liar!)

Who knows what is going on at WMP but it would be rather extraordinary if, via Ch Supt Baker, Marshall IS being investigated for alleged fraud and the "complex crime unit" are telling the CPS he is a sound and reliable witness....

(I cannot mention Ch Supt Rich Baker without raising a different matter. Three Councillors allege that he told them not so long ago that the WMP investigation into ex-Mayor Derek Rowley's alleged personal involvement in the sale and and/or attempted sale of SMBC (ie our) property WAS still ongoing. If this comment was true then either the investigation is probably the slowest in WMP history or else there has been yet another "misunderstanding".)

Marshall has been deselected and will be off the Council in May. His wife is saying publicly that they are moving away from the area.....

Marshall had only been a Councillor for two years when "leader" Steve "The Milkman" Eling made the disastrous decision to promote him. We have seen how Milko likes money and, of course, he and his wife do have two properties to run. He was determined to keep his job at Rotherham Council (another disastrous Labour basket case) and run [sic] Sadders as well to keep maximum income flooding in. Marshall was given the "soft" portfolio of Leisure but for reasons that remain a mystery (though probably connected to Milko's paranoia and control-freakery) he needed a right-hand man and "enforcer" in The Bunker watching his back and doing his bidding. Presumably Britton didn't fit the bill despite having been Cooper's Court Eunuch*).

Herr Eling is now beseiged on all sides and fighting for his political life. Part of the Police nonsense is to try and stall all other enquiries into Sp*unkgate etc in the hope that the usual Labour clean sweep in the May elections will have the venal and craven comrades hastening to kiss his ring.

But there must now be a police investigation into HIS activities simply on the basis on the number of witnesses who have given statements to WMP about HIM. Then there remains a Labour Party enquiry and also internal SMBC Standards complaints. Civil action is possible. Whilst his position is untenable there is also the question why the other members of the Cabinet (the same ones -  self-promoting "socialists" - who sat back and let their secretaries be suspended without complaint the other week) allowed The Milkman and Marshall to seize control in the way that they did.

I wrote this email to these pathetic grovellers the other day (missing out Costigan) but have yet to receive any replies. I wonder why?


1   The rumour mill is going full tilt that Cllr Marshall has been suspended by the Labour Party but no-one seems willing to confirm this. What is the position please?

2   Cllr Marshall had only been on the Council for two years when he joined your ranks in May, 2016. He had the "easy" portfolio of Leisure and yet he became Cllr Eling's "No 2" and "Enforcer" overnight. He became directly involved in audit and standards matters and even in the dismissal of staff. After the disastrous Cooper/Britton era I wonder if you can tell me how YOU as Cabinet members allowed this all to happen. When and how did you agree to it? Did any of you at anytime raise any objection to Marshall's role or his activities? The Skidder readers will be fascinated to receive your insights into all this.

Many thanks,

The person Cllr Edwards in now referring to as "The Accused"."

By the way, some folk have asked why I haven't contacted the Police and Crime Commissioner and/or the West Mids Police and Crime Panel about the misuse of police resources in hounding this blog. With regard to the latter, I lobbied them extensively about the criminal trolling campaign by the late Smethwick Scumbag but they didn't want to know even though he was Chair of the Panel! Of course, the PCC is just another Labour crony and I can do little better that quote a short Facebook Messenger exchange with a well-known Sandwell Labour Councillor and Marshall arse-licker who was, however, concerned about the inactivity of bent WMP in Sandwell matters....

Labour Councillor:  "Have you tried that useless lump Jamieson?

Me:  "Come on X - ask a silly question!"

Labour Councillor:  "..... you could try his deputy Judy Foster, who at least has the advantage of appearing to be alive."

*For the benefit of WMP the term "eunuch" in respect of the leader [sic] of Sandwell's bent paid service is metaphorical and satirical. It is not literal. Indeed [unfortunately due to constraints of space this post must end here....]


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