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West Midlands Police + My Phone

Sorry to bang on about corrupt West Midlands Police (WMP) but it is very serious that they are deliberately ignoring fraud within Labour basket-case Sandwell Council and now trying to shut down this blog on behalf of their friends.

Last week WMP were the subject of a damning report which showed how the corrupt force had been downgraded by the Inspectorate of Constabulary. WMP - which offers protection to Sandwell Council and to individual councillors and officers - was failing in many areas as detailed by The Express and Star (see link below) and Chief Constable Dave Thompson started whining about "low funding levels" and "scant resources." Mr Thompson was friendly with the late and fraudulent "Leader" of Sandwell Council, Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper. Because a "senior officer" of WMP deliberately prevented any investigation into Cooper's criminal social media trolling we cannot specifically say at this stage whether he, himself, was not that "senior officer". Just one of many loose ends that need tying up in the rotten force and Borough and perhaps he could start the process asap?

Notwithstanding the alleged pressure on resources the WMP "Complex Crime Unit" in Wolverhampton have spent hundreds of hours trying to shut down this blog and criminalise me on behalf of current Labour Leader Steve "The Milkman" Eling (even though  he has very substantial income and could easily afford to take civil action against me if he really had a genuine cause of action - just as a Birmingham Councillor did against another media commentator who had called his alleged behaviour into question.)

When WMP started the fraud investigation [sic] into Labour "Sadwell" I gave evidence to two officers and sent a number of emails to the investigation thereafter as matters came to my attention. Some of this was important evidence and some was gossip which may, however, have chimed with information already collated by WMP. Of course, one or more bent police officers then pulled the investigation on the basis that SMBC would investigate any alleged fraud via a firm of solicitors instead! The Chief Executive "lol" Jan Britton would (allegedly) get to decide what areas the solicitors should look at and what documents they would get to see. The solicitors - unlike the police - had no power to search and seize documents or to interview witnesses and so key individuals like Hussain's son declined to co-operate. With a barrister's fees all this cost us taxpayers at least a quarter of a million pounds whilst Thompson's officers just f*cked off.

I duly wrote to the Chief Constable and said that if I became aware of potential criminal behaviour by anyone connected to the Labour cesspit I was going to write direct to him. Obviously he was going to do sod all but at least if the sh*t ever hit the fan I could go straight to the press with hard and fast proof that HE had known about the allegations but had failed to act. Thus I have sent a string of allegations to him since. I have never met the chap but he obviously knows who I am and where I live as do a number of other WMP officers. They know I have no criminal record and am hardly likely to flee the country because a squirt like The Milkman has wet his pants when he has been caught out.

In 2015 WMP tried to shut this blog down and I voluntarily co-operated with an investigation. Curiously tis time round and given WMP's parlous financial state they did not contact me by phone to attend for voluntary interview but had at least one Detective Constable DRIVE all the way from Wolverhampton to Kings Norton to deliver this card:

Of course, this might have been a sneaky trick to catch me unawares and to grill me without a solicitor present but is this a sensible use of resources for the "complex crime unit"? As it happened I was out and so a "voluntary" interview had to be arranged by phone anyway "lol"!

At the interview (and despite having a solicitor present) two officers grossly misrepresented the allegations against me - claiming that 5 people had complained against me when, in fact, it was three AND more to the point the other two complainants were NOT making complaints against me but about Cllrs Eling and Marshall!

At the end of the interview I voluntarily [sic] surrendered my phone on legal advice. I appreciate that WMP have to look at phones now regarding murders, missing persons, terrorism etc but if you go into Carphone Warehouse or such like they can transfer your data from one phone to another device in minutes but I have already waited three weeks for its return. I have a very busy month ahead with my day job and need my phone. On 19th March I phoned DC W but was told he was in the office but the person was not sure where (detectives eh?). They would call me back. Of course, no-one did. I phoned again on 21st March, 2018 when a female officer promised that the "Officer in Charge" would get someone to call me back. Guess what? No-one did!

Today I got through to DC W who told me he was no longer working on the case and had no idea whether my phone had even been "sent off" for examination yet. As he was no longer involved I asked for the name of any officer working on the case but he declined to tell me. I pointed out that I had a right to protect myself against false allegations and I was already putting stuff in the public domain via this blog showing up the weakness of the allegations against me (as I will do further below) but there were some things I couldn't say publicly at this stage (although if I am ever charged then those constraints will be removed once I am in court.) He told me to get my solicitor to ring in but I said I am not going to pay for something I could do myself (I can't afford it anyway) and I was entitled to send in evidence myself. He then said I could tell him anything I wanted to say. I have to admit I had to bite my tongue here but politely told him that as - in his own words - he was no longer on the case I was telling him nothing! He promised to get someone from the investigation to call me back after 12 noon. At the time of publishing this post I am still waiting..... (No doubt the Inspectorate of Constabulary can add "customer service" to the list of force failures.)

I am getting a new phone but have had to rely on temporary phones and "pay as you go" even though I am on contract. I am spending a small fortune but need the phone for work - not just calls and emails but it is set up to take credit card payments etc.

I pointed out to DC W that as they were looking at my phone there was plenty on there that actually helped me - eg Eling and Marshall's personal communications, the unredacted WhatsApp feed etc and so the police should get on with examining it as it would help clear my name and they should not keep me hanging in legal limbo. (Mind you, the thought has crossed my mind readers that the bent elements within WMP may be on orders from their Labour controllers to delay stuff until after the May election.......)

As above, if this nonsense continues, I will have to communicate certain matters privately by one way or another to WMP but, in the meantime, I am going to continue to put details in the public domain so that you can all see it and so there is not another attempt by WMP to fit me up with bogus evidence. And so here is a bit more.

Regulars will know that Eling and Marshall set up the infamous WhatsApp account (in Marshall's name) to send me information about Eling's enemies following a meeting in a Birmingham pub. That meeting was arranged by a third party and now the (moral) Cowards in Blue have my phone they can see the original emails for themselves. But here are the emails with just the name of the third party removed and you will see that the whole intention of the meeting was to find ways for Eling to damage Hussain (a special "friend" of WMP.) As it happens, I have spent so long trying to nail that man's involvement in a host of dodgy deals that we hardly discussed him at the pub meeting but spent a lot of the time discussing how Eling could destroy Cllr Ian Jones and his family instead. Please note especially the first email in the chain:

20th June, 2016

"Hi Jules,

Hope all is well with the world? heard a few things may be coming up
soon will keep you informed.

Looks like Hussain trying to slow everything down one way or another.

Been thinking of ways to hasten his demise. Would you be up to meeting
with Steve Eling with all of your evidence of wrong doing? If you
would I can put out the feelers. I can well understand  if you
wouldn't want to and I'm not sure if Steve would want to but I think
it may well be in the interests of us all who want to see those get
their just desserts.

I think it may be an opportune time for xxxxxxxxxxx to resend his
complaints about Frear to Council now that the gatekeeper (Sharma) is
otherwise engaged. I will talk to him later.
Let  me know what you think of the idea.

See you soon

20th June, 2016

No problem with that but not this week even if he wants to go with it.

20th June, 2016

Hi Jules, I will put out the feelers and get back to you.


21st June, 2016


Steve is open to the idea of meeting up. Have you any evenings
available next week (not Monday). Perhaps first meeting could be in a
pub over a pint and explore a way forward.The Windsor perhaps? or any
suggestions? in the first instance it may be best to keep the meeting
quiet so as not to inform the Hussain clique.

Let me know what you think


21st June, 2016

Free all week next week.


21st June, 2016

Julian Wednesday at 7 The Windsor

21st June, 2016

Where is the Windsor, xxxxxxx?

21st June, 2016

Cannon Street Julian.

21st June, 2016

Oh right - good for me!"

Regular readers will know that as with all things connected with pathetic Sadwell Labour this descended into farce as myself and the third party went to The Windsor in Cannon Street Birmingham whereas Eling and Marshall had to join us later having gone to The Windsor in Bearwood!!!! You couldn't make it up - and I'm not!

Incidentally, it is clear from the WhatsApp feed and the actual events as they unfolded that Eling decided to get rid of the Assistant Chief Executive, Melanie Dudley, and that I was appraised of confidential information by the pair of them as things happened. But I was not the only outsider being leaked confidential stuff since here is an email of 7th September, 2016 from the third party to me where it is clear that Eling and his cronies were already briefing against Melanie even though, officially, no decision had been made on her future:

7th September, 2016

"Hi Jules,

Hope all is well

Preparations are underway  for the Audit Committee on 29th when Jones
will be called to explain himself over the toilet block sales. Have
you a transcript of Jonah's appearance on Goldberg at all,  Also, have
you  any questions that you  think Jonah needs to be asked, These can
be passed on to be asked. The meeting will be in public, and they're
also trying to get it webcast.

Oh, and the fragrant Ms Melanie is in some trouble, I'm told...and may
even have been sent home yesterday. I'll try and find out more.

speak soon"

Of course, Eling and Marshall had suggested before this that I give Melanie "a kicking" and prod her with "a sharp stick" via social media and this blog and had also asked me to dig up any dirt on her even reminded me of her full name:

11/09/2016, 10:49 - Richard Marshall: Her name is xxxxxxxx Melanie Dudley but not many know so careful how you share

We now know that this pair bullied Ms Dudley out of her job (whilst, bizarrely, keeping Jan Britton in post). On 4th October, 2016 Marshall referred in the WhatsApp feed to "the week we [ie Eling and him] shipped her out."

(Another bizarre twist from the WhatsApp feed is that on looking at the SMBC website the corrupt Councillors keep secret who is on the Chief Officer Terms and Conditions Committee and just say membership is on an ad hoc basis. It is another damning indictment of Eling's total lack of good judgement and unfitness for leadership that Marshall was boasting on the WhatsApp feed that he had been appointed to this body. So Eling appointed a tyro councillor with no experience as his right-hand man - a man who couldn't pay his council tax, conned a widow out of a large sum of money, went bankrupt and was a serial adulterer (Marshall denies the latter but WMP/CPS are going to have a bit of a problem with that when they eventually get round to looking at his High Court statement "lol"). You cannot expect the pathetic Labour sheep to stand up to Milko but why on earth did fellow Cabinet members let Eling give the "Cabinet Member for Leisure" so much power in so short a space of time? Absolutely weak and spineless!

Ironically both Eling AND Marshall are saying that my use of memes in this blog and social media is "criminal" behaviour (even where it is their own words that appear in the memes - notably their vile "sp*nk" comments!) Which is a bit rich isn't it when they were sending me photos of the Jones's and encouraging me to make up captions and memes about them:

02/09/2016, 09:13 - Richard Marshall: Caption Competition?

02/09/2016, 10:14 - Richard Marshall: It would piss them off greatly if you tweeted it

One interesting revelation for WMP when they see the unredacted WhatsApp feed is information concerning disgraced Director Adrian Scarrott. Even though WMP failed to investigate what was going on in the fraudulent "Neighbourhoods" Department, Eling and Marshall alleged that it was a den of corruption and that Scarrott (well known as a close associate of Hussain) was a "rotten apple". Yet Scarrott was never interviewed under caution by WMP and was sacked with a large pay-off of our money having signed the usual confidentiality agreement:

01/10/2016, 14:03 - Richard Marshall: Another head hAS rolled
01/10/2016, 14:03 - Jules: Scarrott?
01/10/2016, 14:03 - Richard Marshall: Yes
01/10/2016, 14:03 - Jules: 😀😀😀
01/10/2016, 14:04 - Richard Marshall: That will shake the council house to its core on Monday
01/10/2016, 14:05 - Richard Marshall: I daresay releasing some more rotten apples
01/10/2016, 14:12 - Jules: Good! Wonder what MH thinks!!!

05/10/2016, 07:50 - Jules: Yes that is a problem. The corruption runs deep.
05/10/2016, 07:54 - Richard Marshall: It does, our plan has been as much as possible to follow the first rule of assassination, but we are going to miss some key individuals.

18/10/2016, 16:37 - Richard Marshall: Wow!! It has to be a smear, other than in Neighbourhoods where we have identified the corruption.....

(Of course, Eling and Marshall were only interested in identifying corruption allegedly connected to their enemies.)

Hitherto, we have assumed that senior officers of the Council either facilitated corruption or deliberately turned a blind eye to it as they were content with the power given to them and their generous salaries. Similarly, we have supposed that WMP have protected Sandwell Labour because of their informants and "partnership" arrangements. But now we know that large amounts of money have been sloshing around investigations should be made whether any council or police officers have been in receipt of the proverbial brown envelopes. The Wragge Report said the Hussain family cleared a cool £385,000 from the sale of the Rickshaw Restaurant and are likely to clear a million pounds plus from the Lodge Street deal. That is a lot of cash on top of the family's other "business interests".

It is widely assumed that Scarrott was the SMBC officer who enjoyed "golf and spa" days with a male WMP Inspector. If that is correct then what precisely was their relationship?

A further allegation was that Scarrott was enjoying a sexual relationship with a female WMP Inspector. Eling and Marshall did not tell me the name but told me where she was working. The redacted version is here but as the Police now have the unredacted Whatsapp feed they should be able to quickly identify which of their number was allegedly closely involved with an employee at the top of what is now known to be a deeply corrupt department.

31/08/2016, 20:23 - Richard Marshall: Evening, got anywhere with the AS police inspector thing?
31/08/2016, 20:54 - Jules: Not yet!
31/08/2016, 20:55 - Jules: Drink in pub in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
31/08/2016, 20:56 - Richard Marshall: Favour for a favour?
31/08/2016, 20:59 - Jules: Can't identify her yet but told she is xxxxxxxxxxx inspector...
31/08/2016, 20:59 - Jules: Plays golf!!!
31/08/2016, 20:59 - Richard Marshall: Look toward xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [the Inspector's place of work.]
31/08/2016, 21:00 - Jules: Ok!
31/08/2016, 21:01 - Richard Marshall: In return....
31/08/2016, 21:02 - Richard Marshall: Happy  for you to break the story re the temp traveller camp behind our mates housing development
31/08/2016, 21:03 - Richard Marshall: But it'd be nice if you insinuated that you'd found out via WMP source
31/08/2016, 21:05 - Richard Marshall: Via tweets that is
Is it fanciful that the "Complex Crime Unit" will break off from trying to prevent my freedom of expression under Article 10 Human Rights Act 1998 and to ask these officers if the relationships are true and whether Scarrott divulged any secrets of the Council to them on the golf course or in the bedroom?

And isn't it time WMP (or preferably a force unconnected to Sandwell Labour) started investigating the financial affairs of some of the players in this sordid saga?


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