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Costigan (Plus More...)

If it wasn't so serious for me, it would be amusing that the "Complex Crime Unit" of bent West Midlands Police (WMP) should be relying on a statement from Wednesbury Police's de facto "Gold Commander", Cllr Elaine Costigan. As it is, her statement is nonsensical and half of it relates to A. N. Other and not to me at all! As I showed in a recent blog, she has also directly lied about me in the statement which is all rather worrying.....

Clearly if WMP and the CPS are intent on criminalising me after nearly sixty years with an unblemished record then they need to take stock of the credibility of their witnesses. Have they asked Costigan about her time as "treasurer" "lol" of Wednesbury Celebrates [see posts passim]? Have they taken into account that before the Police appraised me of her complaint against me I had submitted three standards complaints to corrupt Sandwell Council about her conduct?

Have the CPS/WMP taken into account the incident when she was publicly caught-out lying on 19th August, 2017? Labour "Leader" Steve "The Milkman" Eling had written to Costigan via email about Wednesbury Celebrates and complained about missing documentation. The "Gold Commander" immediately moved to protect her own arse and said that a very well-respected former SMBC employee, "Mrs X", had destroyed (by shredding) much of the relevant paperwork! I put this total lie on social media and Costigan was quick to accuse me of being the one telling fibs:

Tweet 19/08/17 (I have screenshots but wish to redact actual names although WMP still have my phone and can check it out "lol"):

"What an absolute lie... "Mrs X" and xxxxx did a great job when Ian [Jones] got them to come to Wednesbury, I don't know about shredding at all! Amazing where this rubbish information is coming from.."

The "rubbish information" had, in fact, come from Costigan herself since I had a copy of her email replying to The Milkman when she said:

"Hi Steve [ie Herr Eling], yes I have still got a few things to sort out with Paul just wished it had been dealt with in a better manner so to speak. It was a mess and going back through Jez Hall he remembers "Mrs X" shredding everything! Wished we had of realised that."

Needless to say "Mrs X" vehemently denies shredding the documents and is appalled at this vile slur on her character by Costigan. Mr Jez Hall is another disgraced employee driven out under the Eling regime but who can't say anything as he has been silenced with a confidentiality agreement in the usual way. I put in a Freedom of Information about the cause of his dismissal but SMBC are playing "dumb" (any information that helps me go back to SMBC gratefully received):

Another matter that arises is why SMBC staff were working for supposedly "independent" Wednesbury Celebrates.....?

Of course, this blog also exposed Costigan's dealings with KTC Edibles at a time when they had breached planning law and had to make an emergency application for planning permission to rectify the matter [see posts passim]. She managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the new highly-controversial Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour (ask Frank Field MP about him "lol"), in the original complaint although, to be fair, his so-called "investigation" was absolutely pathetic (either by accident or design?)

Costigan tried to claim that emails to and from KTC may not have been from her but this was a masterpiece of, at best, obfuscation. Although I provided details of her personal emails in the latest Standards Complaint, Tour is demanding that I supply copies. Why Costigan cannot or will not finally come clean and disclose them I know not but as I have to send them in I thought you might like to take a look at them too, dear Readers.


Costigan denies sending an email bearing her name from Wednesbury Celebrates to "Jindy" at KTC. It is important to note that no-one was copied in on this email. It transpired that Jindy was away and someone called "Paresh" replied. Although he sent the reply to Wednesbury Celebrates he addressed the mail to "Cllr Elaine" and, more importantly copied the email to her personal iCloud email account which he clearly already held! Very handy if you are going to need help with planning matters! I am guessing that the iCloud address links her to her Council-supplied iPad.

Costigan is quick to reply (with a kiss) via her private email account ie she quickly drops the iCloud email address. Why, would that be I wonder? Perhaps she did not want SMBC to be able to track these communications?

Costigan then started tapping them up for food for the (failed) Bostin Cafe. The massive significance of this email - note WMP - is that KTC had put the emergency planning application in by then. The "many thanks again" suggests she had spoken with them as well and/or this was not the first time she had solicited food or other donations for the cafe. Of course, she again used her personal email account so that none of this went through the Council system. And, of course, none of this was declared even at the planning meeting which waved KTC's application through without even so much as a smack on the wrist!
It is noteworthy that the disastrous "Chief Executive" chose to be photographed with this woman last week knowing full well that she faced yet another standards complaint and so I think we can guess which way this one is going as well, eh Readers?

Britton's Out of Control Circus

During the Cooper/Britton era (aided so admirably "lol" by Hussain and The Milkman) these "hard" men had a policy (if you can call it that) of never admitting anything and fighting allegations and other claims against the party and/or Council (in reality, one and the same thing.) Bullying was (is?) rampant in Britton's bent paid service with Councillors joining in to intimidate staff. Thus I was interested to read yesterday about the chap who has won damages against SMBC in respect of racist bullying. (This money comes, of course, out of OUR pockets, rather than from sh*tbag councillors/officers.) Generally, no apology is even proffered to victims when this shower get caught out.

Management within Britton's paid service have to be prepared to toe the Labour line and, in many cases, to turn a blind eye or actively participate in corrupt practices. The supervisor who was found guilty of misconduct, Steve Dawson, was listed in old SMBC papers as a T&G/Unite "contact" and so I think we can safely say he was part of the Brotherhood....

Inside sources say that in 2015 (hold that date) Dawson was pissed off with the speed at which a black plasterer was working and told the tenant to "give him a bunch of bananas" to get him to speed up! With a witness - the tenant - present it is difficult to imagine a more straightforward case of racial harassment and yet the poor victim has had to wait three years and prove his case at an Employment Tribunal to win compensation. Thus to all intents and purposes, the victim has had all the stress of fighting a legal claim on top of the initial injury because Britton seemingly contested the case. This seems to be a new low even by his abysmal standards! Meanwhile, Dawson has kept his job! This is a scumbag Labour Council which is seriously out of control!

And Britton Plays Silly Buggers Again!

Regular readers will know that myself and A. N. Other were maliciously libelled in January when a Councillor made an entirely false accusation against us causing two street wardens to prevent us from lawfully attending the full Council meeting.

I will be taking legal action against the miscreant when he/she is identified but most of the cowards on the Council have refused to reply to my email asking if they were the person responsible. (About six or seven have been courteous enough to respond.)

Ironically one Councillor pointed the finger at Costigan but it cannot have been her as we didn't see her at all before the meeting. (Unless......)

Within minutes of this incident I emailed Jan Britton asking for the CCTV footage which will completely exonerate us but yesterday I received mail from Stuart Taylor (the lowly lackey at the centre of the suspension of seven workers formerly known as the Eling 7 but now, according to Steve "Luvvie" Trow, to be known as the Carter 7) saying that it is taking time to disclose the CCTV footage (two MONTHS to date) since SMBC has to be careful not to infringe the Data Protection rights of third parties! Most of these third parties are cowardly councillors whose lack of response is now the direct cause of this delay!

Britton knows who the complainant is but won't say (although if this persists I will be applying for a court order to force the issue) but I wrote back to Taylor and SUGGESTED (!) that rather than plough through all the footage all he needed to do was to identify the complainant on the tape and disclose the footage of the interaction between us. It seems simple doesn't it readers? (Having said that the rest of the tape must be retained as it also confirms the complainant was acting maliciously which is important as a matter of law.)


Yet another caller last night saying that a very senior SMBC employee has been shagging the payroll and the named recipient of his attentions is receiving favourable treatment. The same employee is linked to another named employee too. At least someone is busy down The Kremlin!


I have mentioned before that Herr Eling is hiding in his bunker surrounded by his force of paramilitary "Street Wardens". I am told they have a nice new vehicle to trot around in..... And Britton has still declined to suspend Warden 18 Chris Jones in respect of the Hackett saga and Jones has been photographed on patrol with WMP officers which is wholly unacceptable until this matter s resolved. I am writing to the Chief Constable accordingly!


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