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Sadders Odds and Sods!

1   The Skidder is pleased to announce over 900,000 views on this blog (although a lot may be the West Midlands Police "complex crime unit" pouring over it to try and shut me down for their friends at corrupt Labour Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Council "lol".) Thanks to all helpers, informants and, of course, readers!

2   In his desperate attempt to save his skin (and to criminalise me in the process) Steve "The Milkman" Eling, the embattled "leader" of the bent local Council, has made some pretty extraordinary allegations. One thing that Herr Eling says is CRIMINAL (REPEAT CRIMINAL) behaviour is that I took a photo of him on SMBC premises without his permission. The photo in question was a still from this footage I shot of him and I will leave it to you to decide whether my actions constitute the illegal actions of a delinquent desperado or whether Milko is scraping the barrel (or the bottom of the bottle.)

3   I don't know why so many of the gerontocracy in Sadwell Labour feel the need for (metaphorical) public masturbation but they just can't help themselves. This week saw the farcical "Wednesbury Awards" - interesting in that SMBC's joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton chose to be photographed with Cllr Costigan just when she faces yet another standards complaint!

This morning I just happened to be looking back through the minutes of the Audit Committee (as you do when you're a sad bastard) when another piece of classic backslapping caught my eye. Back in the "Municipal Year" 2015/2016 there were five members of the Committee and four meetings.

Out of five councillors, two were absent from three of the meetings ie 60% attendance. In the fourth meeting the position deteriorated to 3 members absent ie 40% attendance. (Remember that most of these grovelling greasers get "special responsibility" payments on top of their normal allowances to, er, not bother to attend these meetings!) Despite this pisspoor record - and I kid ye not - the comrades decided to officially record this in the annals (or anals) of the Borough:

"[the 2015/16 audit report] be approved. Members commended the committee members' attendance record throughout the municipal year".

You keep voting for them Sadders and Labour keep pissing on you!

Incidentally, Herr Eling has packed the renamed Committee with his fawning toadies to exact vengeance on his enemies and it is now called the Waffen SS.

4   An interesting handwritten note has come back to my attention. I believe it dates from 2015 and is from a (then) strong supporter of Mahboob Hussain to Simon "The Sandwell Slasher" Hackett:

Whatever this means it does seem to indicate what we already know ie that Tom Watson MP (who hounded a man to his death with false allegations of the vilest kind) was one of the "controlling hands" planning Hussain's destruction - although he has never had the b*lls to actually publicly admit that.

Some Skidder readers never cease to amaze me in their attention to these weighty matters and I expect some may have already wondered if they have seen the above handwriting before? Perhaps in my blog "F*ck Me" of October, 2015 where this and other documents appeared:

I am no graphologist and cannot possibly comment "lol".

5   On the subject to the absentee MP, Watson has given up any pretence of living in the sh*thole that is West Bromwich East. He is now firmly ensconced in London well away from the pathetic unthinking drones who vote for him. Whilst he has been silent on so many local issues - and failed even to attend James Morris's Adjournment Debate in Parliament on the Council he controls - we have shown that he seems to have abandoned The Baggies and is now interfering in planning issues surrounding Millwall FC and even in the affairs of little Dulwich Hamlet FC:

If you are currently picking your way through the druggies, pissheads and the heaps of dog-sh*t in Sadders you will be gratified to note that Dulwich Hamlet and environs are super-posh and full of rich people. If your kids are not being educated in Sandwell's dismal schools after 43 years of Labour failure you will be thankful that at least they are not in a dump like this - Dulwich College - an exclusive public school next door to the Hamlet and alma mater of that other deadbeat Sandwell Labour MP, wealthy John Spellar:

(I remain very interested in the alleged actions by Watson to further the career of the bullying Ms Sarah James - see posts passim.)

6   I have been writing about the huge Labour scandal surrounding Lion Farm Playing fields. It is interesting to note that this area is being held out by the comrades as a retail nirvana and yet Toys-R-Us RIGHT NEXT DOOR has just gone bust and closed down. Why are the sleazy "socialists" trying to force this through?

7  Of course, there is a MASSIVE Sandwell Labour story currently breaking but I am awaiting official confirmation before running it. I wonder why the Labour Party and the local comrades have all suddenly been struck dumb? If you can't wait, the lefties at The Skwawkbox are already going with it:

Pip pip!


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